Mehak Weight Loss Progress: An Inspiring Story Of A Mom

Aishwarya Aneesh

Aishwarya Aneesh
Jan 2023

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Mehak Weight Loss Progress

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How many of us made health objectives our New Year’s resolution, but how many of us have actually followed through? But there is still time to get back on track and accomplish your fitness objectives. The primary reasons you should do it are to boost your health and happiness. If you don’t think it’s possible, then check out Mehak weight loss progress, they overcame her obesity which she was facing since childhood if you still doubt it.

At Fitelo, we are always motivated by the success stories of individuals who overcame all obstacles to achieve their goals.

Mehak lost 34 kg and more than 15 inches in 6 months.

Mehak’s Lifestyle Before Weight Loss Progress

Mehak was from Jalandhar and had been struggling with obesity since childhood. During her college days, she could never lose even an inch due to a sedentary lifestyle, and her weight kept increasing. She was a foodie who could not give up cravings and compromise on her favorite foods.

Later, Mehak got married, and she lived a hectic life as a housewife and mother of a young infant. Because of her weight, she could not care for her child productively. Especially after her pregnancy, she became extremely overweight and was finding it difficult even to do her daily task efficiently.

She had attempted weight loss in the past, but she had never been successful, and this time she has to reduce weight for her child. She was searching for the best place to shed her extra pounds and live a healthy life.

Mehak came to know about us through the Fitelo app from Google Play Store. She contacted us for assistance and was more concerned about those extra inches than about her weight.

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Mehak Incredible Weight Loss Progress In Just 6 Months

Fitelo collaborated with Mehak to develop a nutrition strategy for her. We had a one-on-one session with Mehak and better understood her likes, dislikes, and preferences. It helped us to make a unique plan with easy-to-make food recipes at home. We planned an extremely simple homemade diet that she doesn’t have to cook separately just for herself. 

In just a short span of 180 days (6 months) to lose an astounding 34 kgs and 15 inches lost. She had a dream come true movement.

Mehak continues getting our assistance as she sheds her additional pounds and adopts a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, she is a part of Fitelo’s 5 years warranty, where she continues to get weight loss assistance for 5 years at no extra cost.

Fitelo Platform Is More Than Just Diet

At Fitelo, we believe in cheat meals which allow you to eat your favorite food if you reach a particular milestone. 

Her diet coach educated her about food science, allowing Mehak to change her diet. Also, her fitness coach assisted her in experimenting with exercises to improve flexibility. Mehak was able to stick with her fitness goal and not give up due to the regular coaching and encouragement from the Fitelo coaches!

Key Takeaways From Mehak Weight Loss Progress

Being a homemaker and maintaining a diet plan for weight loss are challenging, especially with an infant around. But Mehak’s weight loss Progress is a perfect illustration of how to complete dedication delivers the desired results.

Results don’t happen overnight, Mehak’s commitment and determination to get fit and adopt a healthy lifestyle were what made it happen.

Mehak, you have made us very proud. People look up to you as an example. She now feels more active and confident. She can now take care of her child more actively and caringly.

If you believe you have slipped off, jump right back on the fitness bandwagon with Fitelo.

Cherish your fitness goal with Fitelo, your weight loss is on us! 

What Is Broken Metabolism?

Are you worried about why you are not able to lose weight even after trying a lot of food control and regularly hitting the gym hard? A possible reason could be a broken or slow metabolism. Watch the video below to know more.

Fun Fact

A lot of us add more salt to our recipes and salads when we are on a weight loss diet to enhance the flavor of the food. But do you know that the addition of more salt will lead to weight gain?

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