Momo Recipe With The Goodness of Veggies And Taste

Rebekah Pais

Rebekah Pais
Nov 2022

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momo recipe
  • Red Paprika - 1 Tbsp
  • Salt - As per The Taste
  • Cabbage - 1 Bowl
  • Mushroom - 1 Bowl 
  • Carrot - 1 Bowl 
  • Ginger - 2inch
  • Spray oil
  • Finely chopped paneer
  • Kitchen King Masala - 1 Tbsp
  • Black Paper - As per The Taste
  • Who isn’t a momo lover among us? You’ll definitely find almost every second person spending their time and money on this delicious plate of momos. These melt-in-the-mouth dumplings are little pockets of sheer joy. Nevertheless, did you know? Veg momo recipe are a friendly diet that can be added to your health routine snacks too. You can have healthy momos at home as they are light both on your tummy and your pocket. Let’s try Fitelo no maida, a wheat momos recipe that contains not more than 30 Kcal with just 2 GM Oil.

    How To Prepare Momo Recipe 

    • Firstly, add your bowl of goodness which is your veggies: 1 bowl of cabbage, 1 bowl of mushroom, 1 bowl of carrot, and 2-inch ginger, and mix them finely together.
    • Once done, in a pan spray 2 GM Oil and add in all the veggies.
    • Add finely chopped paneer and mix it well
    • To the mixture add 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp red paprika, 1 tsp kitchen king, and black pepper.
    • In another bowl, add your wheat flour and water, and make a proper dough

    Steps to Follow to Make the Outer Layer of Your Momo Recipe

    • Once your dough is nicely formed, keep it aside
    • Apply little oil on your palm and make thin layers out of the wheat dough
    • Roll the thin layers into a small chapati-type circular shape

    How To Make The Outer Layer For Your Momo Recipe

    • Firstly, add your cooked veggies onto the chapati type circular shape momo layers
    • Give it any shape you like
    • Secondly, add the goodies of flavourful momos into the steamer and steam it well for 10 minutes.
    • Finally, serve it nice and hot with some homemade chutney on the side.

    For a better understanding of the method, you can watch the recipe.

    CTA ImageCTA Image

    Health Benefits of Homemade Veg Momo Recipe

    Momo is not just a popular tasty dish that you’ll find on every second food corner but preparing the right and healthy momo recipe with the right ingredient plays an important role in your health. There are many such advantages, nevertheless, let us look at a few.

    Good Digestion

    Eating more vegetables will provide your body with more fiber. It helps you with working on your digestive system. Similarly, as to the way salad has health advantages, momos can likewise help you with improving your intestinal bowel system. Momos will likewise help you in keeping away from digestive issues.

    Improves Metabolism

    The food isn’t just heavenly, it additionally helps with helping your body’s metabolic rate. This healthy momo recipe will likewise be beneficial to the body’s metabolic system. Subsequently, it might give you more prominent energy.

    Lowers Glucose Levels

    One more benefit of eating momos is that it helps with lowering glucose levels. It will lower your glucose level since it contains a lot of vegetables.

    Fried Vs Steamed Momos: Which One Is Healthier?

    Momo recipe

    Maida, or refined wheat flour, is used to create the outer layer. And numerous studies have shown that refined flour has no good effects on the body and instead increases body fat.

    The vegetables that are stuffed within are not fresh. You never know how old the cabbage filling is in the dumpling you are consuming with the extremely hot sauce.

    Finally, but certainly not least, it is FRIED. That alone is enough to render it unhealthy.

    While momos are steaming without a doubt. Dimsums or momos prepared using steam are the original cuisine. The type that is fried tastes more like spring rolls.

    If you only consume steamed wheat momos, you can incorporate momos into your diet to help you lose weight. But keep in mind to eat them with your meal, not in addition to it. It is regarded as a healthy option if you use portion control because it contains protein (chicken and paneer), vitamins and minerals (vegetables), and both.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Is the momo recipe healthy during the weight loss journey?

    Ans. If you’re going to stick to having steamed healthy momos at home. 

    Q. What should I avoid while preparing a veg momo?

    Ans. Maida! It contains starch, which can increase cholesterol levels along with weight gain.

    Fun Fact

    Steamed momos have fewer calories and can be substituted for salad.

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