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Mosambi Juice Benefits

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Sweet lime also called Mosambi is a citrus fruit that comes with a host of health benefits. Moreover, its freshly squeezed mosambi juice benefits in a number of ways. To reap these benefits, start consuming mosambi juice on a daily basis. Mosambi juice is packed with nutrients, and minerals and is also popular to improve gut health.

Every one of us has known sweet lime or mosambi since our childhood times! This juice is an excellent tropical beverage for chilling & refreshing any time. Also, it secures its place in healthy breakfasts for vegetarians in India. 

So, let’s dig deep into mosambi juice’s benefits and also the making of mosambi juice.

Mosambi Meaning in Hindi – मौसंबी

Nutritional Value of Mosambi (Sweet Lime)

Also, the refreshing mosambi juice offers many health benefits. Such as it is high in Vitamin C, Fibers, Protein, Fats, etc. 

100 ml of Mosambi juice includes:

Sweet Lime or Mosambi Quick Facts

Let’s have a quick view at sweet lime facts:

Name:Sweet lime Or Mosambi
Scientific Name:Citrus limetta
OriginIt is native to South- and Southeast Asia and is also cultivated in the Mediterranean Basin.
ColorsPale yellow to green
ShapesSubglobose, oval, 6.5 cm in diameter
TasteSweetish to slightly acidic
Health benefitsAids in digestion, relieves constipation, prevents scurvy, peptic ulcers, respiratory problems

Mosambi Juice Benefits

A glass of mosambi juice can do much more than begin a tasty and refreshing delight. So, here is a list of 10 mosambi juice benefits that we all should know are:

1. Mosambi Juice Benefits in Dehydration

When you feel thirsty and dehydrated, try not to drink soda but consume mosambi juice, because it not only quenches thirst but also contains essential minerals and vitamins. These properties can reduce the occurrence of dehydration and the risks of complications in the body. Also, it is the perfect option for athletes to prevent dehydration and muscle cramping.

2. Beneficial for Skin and Hair

Mosambi is rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties. Moreover, this fruit is known as a popular ingredient in the beauty products and make-up industry. Besides, the consumption of this fruit improves skin glow & moisturization of skin layers. Also, the presence of Vitamin C helps in treating dandruff and gives nourishment to hair and roots. Additionally, many beauty products such as creams help in reducing flaws, pigmentation, and acne. Also, it protects our skin against UV radiation and is used for making sunscreen lotion. 

3. Mosambi Juice Benefits Eyesight

However, this fruit is packed with cell reinforcements and antibacterial properties, it is the perfect natural powerful source for eyesight. Also, mosambi aids our eyes from pollutants & other bacteria which can cause damage. In addition, it is supposed to be helpful for cataract patients. 

4. Mosambi Juice Benefits in Maintaining Heart Health

Nowadays because of the fast-paced lifestyle, this essential organ may have to withstand fat deposits, stress, and high BP, which affect its functioning. Hence, start including a high cholesterol diet plan to improve your heart health. Also under such circumstances, including sweet lime in your regular diet will help your body by lowering your blood pressure. Also, it can prevent the formation of plaque in the arteries, providing the heart with a clear path to transport blood. 

5. Rich Source of Vitamin C

Sweet lime is a perfect source of vitamin C. However, we know a deficiency of vitamin C can cause scurvy, swollen gums, cracks, bleeding, recurrent cold and flu outbreaks, and mouth and tongue ulcers are some symptoms of this sickness. So, starting healthy food chart including sweet lime or mosambi in your regular diet can prevent scurvy. 

6. Strengthen Bone Health

The presence of high vitamin C in mosambi, or sweet lime, becomes the key component in treating osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. This also helps the body to reduce swelling and inflammation. In addition, it also improves the absorption of calcium which can be completed by consuming different calcium sources. Also, mosambi promotes cell-mediated bone development, and promotes overall bone health.

7. Useful for UTIs

UTIs which are also known as urinary tract infections are frequent problems that most impact women. Besides, UTI is a condition that makes peeing painful, lower abdominal pain, and difficulty peeing are a few symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection. Mosambi or sweet lime has a number of health benefits. Also, the presence of potassium helps to fight UTIs and enhances the kidney and bladder’s ability to operate.

8. Relieves Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea or unwillingness towards foods can be caused due to various factors including, indigestion, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, or poor functioning of the vital organs. In this case, you can go for sweet lime or mosambi juice whenever you experience nausea and vomiting. Also no to forget this fruit’s pleasant aroma and taste can bring down the symptoms instantly.

9. Mosambi Juice Benefits Weight Loss

Mosambi juice is low in calories and fats. This makes this fruit beneficial for weight loss. hence, by mixing it with date syrup, you can shed extra kilos. Also, this fruit juice helps you regain energy spent on intense workouts in the gym for weight loss. This juice hydrates the body and supplies it with important nutrients. Also, the fibers present in this fruit give satiety and curb hunger. Also increases the body’s fat-burning capacities. 

10. Boosts Blood Circulation

Another significant element of this mosambi juice is to support blood flow. At the same time, the standard use of the juice can help quicken blood flow which helps the body to have good blood flow.  

How to Consume Sweet Lime or Mosambi Juice Benefits? 

There are many ways to use mosambi in different recipes. But a yummy way to consume and feel the health benefits of mosambi or sweet lime is to make some ‘Sherbet’! So, it is the best Indian drink to consume mosambi benefits. Here’s how to make it:


  • Mosambi (peeled and chopped)- 5-6
  • Black Salt – A s per the Taste 
  • Cumin Powder (Roasted)- 1 Tbsp
  • Chaat Masala – As per Taste
  • Mint Leaves- 3-4

Method of Preparing Mosambi Juice

  • In a juicer, add the mosambi pieces to the juice feeder and extract the juice.
  • Serve sweet lime juice in glasses. (Can add ice cubes if wanted) 
  • Garnish with some mint leaves, black salt, and roasted cumin powder).

Which Is The Best Time To Lose Weight?

So, did you know there is a season in which weight loss becomes easier? Well, yes, this is true, and moreover, that season is already here – winter. Basically, to know why winter is the perfect time for weight loss, watch the below video by Dietitian Mac.

Bottom Line

Mosambi juice is a nutritious drink perfect for a healthy body. This juice is loaded with many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Mosambi juice benefits many health-related types such as skin, hair, and nails. Also, it is used to boost immunity, fight fatigue, improve digestion, and help with dehydration. Mosambi juice benefits common ailments for example cough, and cold, flushes out kidney stones, and also treats constipation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can We Drink Mosambi Juice on Daily Bases?

A. Drinking mosambi or sweet lime juice can help your body to boost blood circulation and maintain proper parameters and organs of the body. Above all, it helps you to maintain healthy organs.

Q. Are There Any Side Effects of Mosambi Juice?

A. Excess of everything is bad. So, the excessive intake of this fruit can cause digestive issues, including nausea, and vomiting.

Q. Can We Drink Mosambi Juice at Night?

A. No, because eating fruits at the night or right before going to bed releases a lot of sugar, causing a spike in energy when your body should be preparing to slow down and rest. So, avoid taking any fruits before sleep. 

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This blog post was written to help you to make healthy and better food choices altogether. So, be aware and take care. The important thing to consider is your own health before starting a diet that is restrictive. Always seek advice from a doctor/dietitian before starting if you have any concerns.

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy. Enjoy a long happy life.

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