Mr Saini’s transformation in 40 days.

Ashok Saini, from Ludhiana, was struggling with extreme overweight, that too concentrated around his belly region. Being a pharmacist by profession, he had to spend the entire day at work, leaving little for the gym or any other physical activity. He often reaches home late at night and eventually, his dinner timings are quite late.

We worked with Ashok and created a customized diet plan for him that targeted his belly fat and adjusted to his routine including late dinners. Working closely with Ashok on his diet plan and with his dedication, he was able to reduce significantly in under 40 days.

More than the weight, Ashok was able to get rid of his belly fat significantly and was working with us to get rid of the fat left after 40 days.

It is not too tough to lose weight and fat even with a tough lifestyle, you just need proper guidance and some dedication to do so.

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