Oats VS Muesli For Weight Loss

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Oats Vs Museli

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Oats is good For Weight-loss and Muesli is good for gaining weight? Were you having Muesli to lose weight?? Check the info, how labelling is done on both, on the left-hand side its Nutritional value in 100gm whereas on the right-hand side the provided nutritional value is for 41gm in Milk.

Oh! But wait, last time my Gym trainer gave me Muesli, I lost a pound. You lost a pound because you were working the shot out. An adult with very less physical activity cannot lose any weight.

Most people got fooled by this strategy used by big companies. Yes, we agree at first glance, Muesli look healthier than Oats but look twice.

Moral of the Story: Read your food labels carefully.

PS: Muesli can seriously help you to gain weight.

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