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Damini Kapoor

Damini Kapoor
Jul 2022

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74kg to 57kgs journey of a college student.
For a college student, it’s not an easy task to manage meals at times. Busy schedules and studies make them skip important meals. On top of that, unhealthy snacking and eating outside leads to dangerous consequences. And when numbers on the weighing scale go up, then we realise now help is needed. Actually, the help of a nutritionist or dietitian is needed.
Here is a similar story of our client from Cheeka (Kaithal). Let’s read out Neha weight loss transformation and get motivated.

The Journey Of Neha Weight Loss Transformation

Neha, a college student reached out to us for an online diet consultation concerned about her increased weight. Since her studies kept her occupied throughout the day, she had no time for physical activities. So, Fitelo’s dietitian customised diet plan accordingly and that really helped her throughout.

We understand that a 26-year-old student goes through a lot of changes. College life is actually the time when health takes a back foot. Due to peer pressure, there are a lot of outings and parties to go, in order to fit in the society. But Neha was disciplined and consistent with her diet.

  • Neha was in love with homemade food, and this made it so easy for us to plan a diet for her.
  • We worked with Neha and planned an easy kitchen based diet.
  • Keeping in mind that she is a college-going girl, we made changes from time to time according to her exams and all.

Result So Far

With the cutomised diet plan, she got amazing results. Above weight loss, she got:

  • Healthy and shiny hair.
  • Huge Inch loss.

During this journey, Neha has lost 17 kgs with a dramatic inch loss and complete personality transformation. She not only lost those extra kilos but got healthy and shiny hair too.

We are still working to help Neha maintain her weight. We are so proud of Neha for being able to manage such an incredible weight loss success story. You are a perfect example for all the college students out there.

Way to go Girl. Eat healthy, Stay healthy.

So, this was Neha weight loss transformation. What are you waiting for? Book a consultation with us and start a healthy journey with us.

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