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Damini Kapoor

Damini Kapoor
Jul 2022

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nikita weight loss transformation

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In these pictures, there is just a 5kg difference.
Isn’t it unbelievable?
No-No-No, it’s not edited or photoshopped, it’s the body’s recomposition. Now read Nikita weight loss transformation and get to know, how it actually works.
We keep saying, and we will repeat it again, that the numbers on the weighing scale are not everything. “

The Journey Of Nikita Weight Loss Transformation

She is Dr. Nikita Joshi, a Doctor from Chandigarh. She reached out to us with her weight gain concern. Then, we scheduled a session with her and came to know everything about her. We got to know about her schedule, working hours, eating habits, likes, and dislikes. Thus, started working with her.

Nikita didn’t have any medical issues. But, as a doctor, she had a highly busy schedule and almost no time to cook.

So, keeping everything in mind, we aligned her with our weight loss expert and fitness coach. After that, from here, the journey of Nikita weight loss transformation begins.

Why Nikita Weight Loss Transformation Is Unique?

  • She had a squeezed-up schedule, so the dietitian planned easy-to-cook meals. We mostly planned homemade food for her that could be prepared in no time.
  • Nikita is a huge pasta and subway lover. So we did not keep her away from them. Therefore, we made a schedule and a list of subway items and pasta types that she could consume guilt-free.

How We Helped Nikita?

  • Everyone’s body is different, so we worked on her body in different ways:
  • Firstly, we worked on reducing water weight (water retention).
  • And after that with a proper meal, she started losing. Even though her BMI was in the normal range, she appeared to be overweight. And that demotivated Nikita.
  • So, we made her realize that “Ma’am… Your metabolism is very low. Therefore, we need to work on your muscle mass now. You must gain weight again to avoid the bounce back.
    (This may strike you too, why we are asking for weight gain in the weight loss Journey. Even so many clients question us the same).
    “90% of the people who lose weight experience bounce back in a short duration.” 
  • Therefore, we worked on her body recomposition, toning and muscles too. Further, we planned her diet accordingly.
  • We worked on her metabolism and body recomposition. She dropped her fat percentage to 12% while she gained 8% of muscle.
  • “In simple words, she not only lost weight and inches but there is muscle gain too.” That’s why it’s just 5 kg. Therefore, Nikita weight loss transformation is unique.

Result So Far

  • With 80% Diet and 20% minimal exercise, Dr. Nikita Joshi dropped 5 kg and a terrific amount of fat in the form of inches.
  • Read it again: On the weighing scale, it’s just 5 kgs, but she lost 5-6 inches too.

Now it’s clear, right? Why are we saying numbers on a weighing scale are not everything? It doesn’t show inches lost.

She was so focused on achieving her goal. And yes, her untamed dedication made her smash the obstacle of a tight schedule that was coming in her way of weight loss.

You did a great job, Dr. Nikita. Amazing. 

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