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Nirbhay weight loss


diet expert

Today’s weight loss transformation story speaks of consistency and dedication.💪 Nirbhay Rana, a software engineer💻 from Ghaziabad, reached out to us when he was experiencing a continuous hike in his weight. Also, being in the IT industry, he hardly had any time for physical activity, As his work called for sitting in front of the screen round the clock🕕. So, our diet expert planned his diet as per his work schedule.

Apart from stuck weight issues, Nirbhay had prolonged constipation as well. So, the diet expert also planned drinks that cure constipation🤩 like Easy Saunf Water Recipe, Triphala for weight loss and Chia seed water recipe and even filling meals like Banana Prunes Curd Smoothie Recipe.

The main meal pattern that the diet expert-curated was a potassium-rich diet. So, all the foods that are rich in potassium and also support weight loss were a part of Nirbhay’s diet. These, for example, include potato🥔, rajma and banana-based meals.

Initially, Nirbhay used to have hunger pangs, which was the only challenge in his weight loss journey. So, the filling meals helped curb his cravings for effective weight loss.😋

According to our diet expert, the best part about Nirbhay’s diet plan was that he was very consistent with his diet and seldom asked for cheat meals. Things fell into place as Nirbhay lost 7 kgs weight with a lot of inches!🥳 What is even better is that he bid a final goodbye to his constipation issue, which was a huge roadblock in his weight loss journey. We wish Nirbhay the healthiest future!😇




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