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Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma
Dec 2021

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Karandeep weight loss

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14 Kgs Gone In 90 Days Today’s efforts are tomorrow’s results.’
This proverb fits well for Karandeep, our client from New Delhi, who is a businessman by profession. He got to know about us and immediately enrolled in our nutrition diet plan, with his concerns of increased weight.😖

Nutrition Diet Service

Being a businessman, Karandeep had a packed-up schedule. So, as part of the nutrition diet plan, our dietitians planned easy-peezy meals for him which were both easy to make and easy to carry! 😃

Also, he was an introvert but had a good rapport and understanding with the dietician which was a brownie point as he could easily understand and follow the diet given to him. Moreover, his favorite non-veg meals were planned as part of his diets like all the yummy chicken and fish recipes.😋

Finally, all his efforts rounded off to amazing results as Karandeep lost 14 kgs in just 90 days!🥳 We are so happy that our nutrition diet service and proud of him and wish the best of health for him. 😇

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