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Baldeep weight loss


online nutrition counselling

Too many problems? One solution! 😎 Let us talk about Baldeep Kaur, a teacher from Ludhiana who successfully lost weight while having easy-to-cook recipes! She had reached out to us via our online nutrition counselling.

Since she was a teacher, we had to plan her diet that included only those recipes that could be prepared quickly. In addition to this, Baldeep was newly married. So, initially, she had a lot of cheat meals as part of diet, because of the many festivals and functions. 

Moreover, Baldeep had hypothyroidism. This condition not only makes the person suffering from it rapidly gain weight but also makes it difficult to get rid of it! So, our dietitians planned her meals, keeping in mind to remove those recipes and food items that might trigger or worsen her condition. 

Baldeep loved having sandwiches, so FITELO’s recipes like Carrot Egg Sandwich Recipe | Fitelo by Dietitian Mac SinghRainbow Sandwich Recipe With Green Vegetables | Fitelo and Egg White Sandwich Recipe | Fitelo by Dietitian Mac Singh came in handy. 😋

Apart from sandwiches, she loved having everyone’s favourite Rajma-chawal recipe. She is also fond of Namkeen, so we planned it for her, but in moderation. As per the online nutrition counselling, we swapped namkeens with similar but healthier recipes so that she did not have to indulge in unhealthy snacking. The only thing Baldeep did not like were tomatoes, so all her recipes were prepared without them. 😇

Although Baldeep had thyroid and very little time to cook as obstacles, her will and motivation were the factors that overpowered these obstacles. Baldeep lost 8 kgs in just 45 days through our online nutrition counselling! 🥳 She is proof that a no-fuss, non-fancy super simple diet can make you lose all the flab! 🤩




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