Fitelo’s Online Nutrition Program for Weight Loss Helped Kulwinder Lose Many Kilos

Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma
Nov 2021

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Kulwinder weight loss

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10 Kgs Gone In 90 Days !🥳✌🏻

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Today’s weight loss transformation story is of Kulwinder Kaur, a housewife from Ludhiana. Her story is an inspiring one that is full of persistence and dedication. It goes that Kulwinder reached out to us with the concern of stuck weight and stress issues. So, she joined the online nutrition program for weight loss.

Kulwinder had already been through many ups and downs in her life health-wise and emotionally. She has had 3 abortions owing to IUGR. IUGR is a common pregnancy complication in which the unborn baby does not fully develop. These mishappenings made Kulwinder go into a spiral of mild depression, which also lead to her gaining a lot of weight.  

So, as part of the online nutrition program, our dietitians planned simple ‘ghar ka khana’ for Kulwinder. But that too had a variety of sorts like Moong Dal Without Tadka RecipeHealthy Vegetable Dalia Indian Recipe For Weightloss, and Missi Roti Recipe (Punjabi style).

Overall, Kulwinder was very cooperative with the dietitian and dedicated to her diet. So, although her weight was stubborn, she succeeded in shedding 10 kgs of it in 90 days with the motivation from our dietitians. She also lost a lot of inches off her body through our online nutrition program for weight loss.

If Kulwinder can lose weight despite so many issues, so can you! And as we at FITELO believe- If you can dream it, you can achieve it! 🙌🏻

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