Our Fat Loss Dietitian Made it Possible Again as Saloni lost Inches and Fat!

Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma
Feb 2022

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Saloni weight loss

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4 Inches Gone With Huge Fat Loss with the help of fat loss dietician

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Upar picture dekhke ap log soch rahe honge ki Ye kesi transformation hui jisme 1 kilo weight bhi nahi kam hua! Ye koi mazak chal rha hai? To know the hows and whys of this ”transformation”, powered by FITELO’S fat loss dietitian, read this post till the end.

So, Saloni, our multitalented client, a student cum dance coach cum YouTuber from Delhi reached out to us with concerns about getting toned and having a flat belly. Since she was already in her ideal BMI range, the fat loss dietitian’s task was to work on her fat loss, so that she loses inches, gains muscle and get leaner.

Saloni had a super hectic schedule. Also, along with managing her studies, she was going to dance classes regularly and shooting them for YouTube as well. Although she was already maintaining her fitness through dance, something was missing, which our specially-curated diet fulfilled. The diet included meals that would rapidly increase the fat burning in her stomach and other areas.

Saloni followed the diet customised by our fat loss dietician gracefully, with grit and complete transparency.

She loved having south Indian dishes and Dilli ka famous street food. So, our fat loss dietitian gave her healthier versions of the same recipes from Fitelo’s kitchen apart from cheat meals.

With continuous efforts and guidance from the fat loss dietitian, Saloni lost 4 inches off her waist in just 60 days! There was a drastic decrease in her fat percentage. Her weight remained constant because the fat was replaced by muscle making her fitter, the way she desired.

Saloni is proof, that inch loss or fat loss is as important as losing weight. Hence we should understand the fact that it is a crucial level in health and lifestyle transformation.

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