Our Registered Dietitian Online Helped Suchitra Lose Fat and Build Muscle

Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma
Dec 2021

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Suchitra weight loss

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registered dietitian online
Suchitra From Delhi:
Lost 8 Kg
Decreased Fat percentage
Increased Muscle Mass

Today’s transformation story is a bit different than the usual ones! Because it is a story of making changes in the body composition by decreasing fat percentage and enhancing muscle! Suchitra, a home-maker from Delhi reached out to our registered dietitian online with the concerns of losing fat, getting toned and getting rid of all the flab.

So, our registered dietitian online planned such a diet that would first melt off all her fat and then activate muscle growth. And we achieved all these targets only through a home-based diet! Suchitra liked having a variety of foods so her diet was planned in a way that she did not get bored of having the same foods again and again. The registered dietitian online planned numerous high protein options for her.

Suchitra was in her menopausal stage, so she experienced side effects like mood swings, fluctuations in weight etc. Suchitra even fell ill during her diet, but her determination was more adamant than all the hardships! Despite these many issues, she managed to lose a tremendous amount of weight and a good number of inches with the help of our registered dietitian online. So, the journey went from – working on melting 8 kgs of stubborn fat to toning to finally working on muscle growth!

Suchitra’s before and after transformation is worth praising!

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