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Our multidisciplinary team of doctors, dietitians and fitness trainers work together to create unique diet and exercise plans (upto 1000:1) for you. All our diet plans are natural and we don’t suggest recommend any medicines and we take care of your diseases and allergies. With Fitelo, you can carry the gym and a dietitian in your pocket. We customize our plans based on your specific needs.

We offer weight loss and weight gain services. We will help you manage if you have any medical conditions. If you have gained weight due to a medical condition or post pregnancy, we can create customized diet plans for you that suit your routine and lifestyle. We focus on modifying the lifestyle of an individual and creating long term habits so that once the weight is shredded, it doesn’t come back. All of this is backed by the study done by our dietitians and years of practice

Online Diet and Weight Loss Plan

Lifestyle management

While we work with you to help achieve your weight loss and health goal, our main objective in this program is for you to create long term healthy habits.   

Weight loss

Using natural foods and a bit of exercise, we help our clients in loosing weight without the use of any supplement or medicines.  

Online Diet and Weight Loss Plan


We create customized diet plans for mothers with newborn babies based on their body’s need, the body’s need and targeting weight loss at the same time.

Weight gain

Our nutritionists  work with our clients to prepare a diet plan that is nutritious, based on their basal metabolic rate, your  routine, your lifestyle and eating habits and target a stable weight gain. 

Disease management

We optimize our diet plan based on our clients medical and nutritional needs to lose weight and treat disorders. 

How it works

Journey With Us


A complete analysis of your body nutrition status and requirements. We also make sure you don’t have any excuses to say No to a good thing!

Diet Plan

All the analysis is used by our team of Doctors, Dietitians and Trainers to create a 100% customized nutrition and lifestyle modification plan for you.

Daily track

Learn along with us about your body, so that you become the expert you consult to stay fit forever!


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Happy clients

10 kg Gone Along with PCOD

Do you know that every 10th women are now a day suffering from PCOD?

Guneet from Melbourne, Australia lost 10 KGs post-pregnancy weight with improvement in PCOD.

More than weight, she is having a significant improvement in her inches.

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