Palak Weight Loss Transformation In Which She Lost 11.5 Kgs

Sanya Singh

Sanya Singh
Apr 2023

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Palak Physical Transformation

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Log kehte hai ki bahar ki life is super difficult and aap apke pass khudka bhi dhyan rakhne ka time nahi hota.
Well, in some ways it is true but in some, it is not so true. However, when we talk about taking care of ourselves then the first thing to focus is on diet.
If your diet is healthy and nutrient-rich, then you are good to go but if it is unhealthy then surely no matter where you are you will suffer from health issues.
So, similar to this, today we have a story to tell you of Palak’s weight loss transformation which might clear your doubts as well on how to lose weight when you are away from your home town in India.

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Glimpse On Challenges During Palak’s Weight Loss Transformation

Palak is an Indian but stays in New Zealand. She had a busy routine, did not have time to exercise even, and hardly got time to take care of her healthy lifestyle and diet.
Moreover, she was suffering from PCOS which made it more difficult for her weight to go.
It was then she got in touch with Fitelo, and for help.

Fitelo’s Contribution To Palak’s Weight Loss Transformation

A dedicated health coach at Fitelo designs weight loss plan in such a way that a client does not get bored of the diet but enjoys it and the same was assigned for Palak’s weight loss journey.

Fitelo plans includes simple meals and food items that are easily available, affordable and lead to long-term weight loss outcomes.

So, when Palak reached us out Fitelo dietitians made sure to be there for her in your weight loss journey and monitored her progress daily.

But before all this, it was made sure that they understand her routine, her eating habits, what she liked and disliked, what is easy for her to cook and her favourite snacks to add to the cheat meal.

Here Is The Result

Palak as a result lost, 11.5 kg in 60 days and the part is thet even her PCOS improved. Wohoo! this is not an achievemnet for us but for our client because she looks more gorgeuos now and is happier than ever.
We are proud and thankful to such beautiful and corporating clients and are ready to help you as well.

Diet Vs Exercise

People get confused, that is exercise good for weight loss or a diet. Some say that both works side by side and some have a different point of view saying exercise works the most.
So, here is Dietitian Mac, to clear your doubt out on this. Watch the below video and know the right answer to it now.

Fun Fact

Are you looking for an easy and simple solution to lose weight? Well, then try hot water for weight loss. Nothing can be a best tip for you to lose weight than this. Drinking hot water after your ever meal and early morning will surely do wonders. Try now!

Frequentlt Asked Questions

Q. How Many Days Did It Take In Palak’s Weight Loss Transformation?

A. For palak to get fit and slim, it took her 60 days which is a great achievement as she was suffering with PCOS too.

Q. In How Many Days You Can Lose Weight?

A. To lose weight yiu need a proper guidance from an expert dietitian who can understand your body type and give yoiu a diet accordingly. Following a right diet will surely help you lose weight quickly.

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