Papaya fruit- Health Benefits, Nutritional Value, and Risks

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Papaya fruit

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A lot of people, particularly those following veganism are going crazy over fad diets like- Fruitarian diet, GM Diet etc. Since they are of this assumption that these ways will help to lose weight fast. Fruit-based or fruitarian diets can be harmful in the long run, as the body cannot adapt to them in the longer run. The fruit we are talking about in this blog is not just helpful in terms of weight loss but also papaya fruit is excellent for your gut too.

What if we say you can easily reach your perfect weight? And stay as healthy, youthful and glorious without following strict patterns of diet or workout.

Nothing fancy, it is (drumrolls) the papaya fruit! Papaya is one of the cheapest fruits of all time, available all year round.

Papaya is refreshing to the palate and packed with nutrients. It is loaded with antioxidants.

FUN FACT: Papaya fruit is that it contains more Vitamin C than an orange. One-half of ripe or unripe papaya contains much more Vitamin C than one single orange.

We know that the amount of Vitamin C Is directly proportional to immunity and skin health. So, the more papaya you consume, the more vitamin C you get. Hence, you have fewer chances of catching a fever and even fewer skin problems.

Nutrient Breakdown Of Papaya:

There are a few key points we infer from the nutrient table. Papaya is a low-calorie fruit, hence the best choice for snacking. It is better than your favorite cookie which contains almost 10x the calories.

Benefits Of Eating Papaya Fruit

1) Boosts Immunity

Enriched with iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin K, C, and B complex, papaya works wonders in guarding the body against foreign pathogens.

2) Enhances Eye-Sight

Since papaya is rich in Vitamin A, E, and certain carotenoids, it improves eyesight and protects against age-related eye disorders

3) Good For Your Mental Health

The presence of folate in papaya supports the mental well-being and emotional health of a person.

4) Regulates Bodily Fluids

Papaya has Potassium which regulates bodily fluids. This in turn controls blood flow at normal pressure. Additionally, potassium controls the consequences of too much sodium in the body.

5 ) Anti-Cancer Properties

Papaya is high in the papain enzyme that breaks down the cancer cell wall & protein into amino acids.

6 ) Beneficial For A Healthy Heart

Papaya’s high fiber, vitamin C, and potassium content – all help to enhance cardiovascular health. They do it by lowering cholesterol and supporting proper blood flow.

7) Aids Digestion

Because of its high fiber and water content, papaya is favourable for digestion.

So, it is safe to say that whatever we have known from our grandparents about papaya is 100% correct. The benefits of eating papaya are quite a few.

8 ) Boon For People With Citrus Allergy

Amla, orange, lemon, tangerines – all these provide exceptional amounts of vitamin C, but what about the ones allergic to citrus fruits? So, Papaya will do the trick for them.

What About Eating Papaya During Pregnancy?

There is a myth doing the rounds forever that one should avoid consuming papaya when pregnant. The fact is – unripe papaya is dangerous for pregnant women as it contains papain enzymes in large amounts. This enzyme increases the likelihood of uterine contractions, thus inducing a miscarriage.
However, ripe papaya is consumable during pregnancy without given a second thought. The concentration of papain enzyme in it is no longer harmful.

How Do I Eat Papaya Fruit The Right Way?

You can have it in the form of Salad made out of unripe papaya.

Or You can also even prepare lip-smacking puddings or simple raita out of it.


The benefits of papaya in weight loss and other health aspects go largely unnoticed. The generation of today gets drifted towards imported fruits and exotic recipes. All said and done, the solution lies in the hands of our nearby fruit stall owner. Papaya and also other seasonal fruits are more than enough to help us meet our daily nutrition requirements.

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The vitamin C content of small papaya is almost 300 per cent of the RDI! Shocked? Thus, Read more about this fruit which was once considered exotic, here


We request you to consume this magic fruit only under the guidance of your dietitian/ doctor.

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