Parneet Kaur Transformation Story [Success Story Of a College Girl]

Sanya Singh

Sanya Singh
Jun 2022

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parneet kaur's transformation story

So, today’s beautiful weight loss journey is of a very young girl Parneet Kaur who is just 20 years old. The increasing numbers on weighing scale and medical condition PCOD was bothering her. Let’s read out Parneet Kaur transformation story.

Parneet approached Fitelo and told us about her concern. She reached out to us after trying many dietitians earlier. She shed some of extra Kgs, but with in short duration after losing weight, her weight loss process got stable. Our expert dietitians asked about her body type, likes and dislikes of food and schedule. Then promptly started with a diet plan program.

Role Of Fitelo In Parneet Kaur Transformation Story

We made sure, the meals that we included in her diet were easy to cook as she is a student and had to do the cooking herself. She is fond of non-vegetarian food and loves eating Maggi and pasta. So, we gave her cheat days as well, on Sunday when she could eat what she craves.

Our Reward

As a result, she lost 12 kg in just 4 months which is incredible. Parneet is a very dedicated client of ours. Besides her busy schedule of studies, she made sure she follows the diet plan sincerely and properly. She is still a part of Fitelo and follows the diet with full zeal. We are proud to have such clients who are as enthusiastic as the dietitians are to make their clients happy. Parneet Kaur transformation story is one of the motivational stories with us.

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