Here Is A PCOD Problem Solution For Women Suffering With Same

Sanya Singh

Sanya Singh
Jan 2023

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PCOD problem solution

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19kg gone in 80 days.
So, today’s transformation will set an example for you for motivation, smart work, and for your weight loss goal. Fitelo, presents you with the best PCOD problem solution which Khushi Saxena also, tried and got excellent results.

Read Khushi’s weight loss transformation and get to know how Fitelo, is transforming lives in a healthier way.

A Glimpse Of Kushi’s Life

So, Khushi is from Ludhiana and is a housewife who is busy taking care of her household and family. She has PCOD and has tried for PCOD weight loss earlier and also, lost 15 kg. But the saddest part was when her diet got over her weight bounced back double to what it was.

Now at this time, she contacts Fitelo, and here starts the journey of Khushi Saxena with us.

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PCOD Problem Solution

During PCOD, women gain weight which is hard to reduce, but as it is said nothing is impossible.

So, Khushi was 101 kg when she approached us for weight loss and told us that she has PCOD also.

  • Firstly, we got her in contact with one of our expert dietitians who understood her body type, her likes, and dislikes, what is her routine, and her whole schedule.
  • Then we gave her the best diet plan for PCOD, which was not boring at all, and the meals were easy to cook.
  • Also, we made sure that there is 1 cheat meal added to the PCOD weight loss plan so that Khushi does not control her cravings and enjoys the journey with us.

Now, guess what? In just 80 days she lost 19 kg!

It was not just us, but Khushi’s dedication and hard work also resulted in such amazing results. Also, we did not let her weight bounce back and her efforts go to waste.

Fitelos Word: You can reach your goal easily with us, as we make diet plans as per your preferences. How busy you are do not matter until you are confident, full of hope, and determined. Also, we believe that a cheat meal is very important in a diet, and to know why to watch this video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can Diet Be The PCOD Problem Solution?

Ans: Yes, during PCOD what matters is the diet. You should take care of the time and what you are eating, as you tend to gain more weight during this condition.

Q. Can You Drink Smoothies During PCOD?

Ans: Yes, you can try this recipe for weight loss peach smoothie which is PCOD friendly, and is easy, and quick to make.

Contact Us

Where is the permanent solution? Here with us at Fitelo. So, start a weight loss journey with us. We focus on a holistic approach. No fancy food and restricted diets. We consider your medical concerns, food choices, preferences, cultures, locality, and all. We also plan homemade food with a healthy twist. Contact us today to start your healthy journey with us.


We have helped thousands of clients to get back in shape, whatever their medical concerns are.

  • Our dietitians always go through your medical reports and plan your diet as per your levels.
  • Your problems will be given priority to get fixed. And in this way, we focus on a holistic approach.
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