Read Aarti’s journey of following our Pcod Diet Chart for Weight Loss

Japleen Kaur

Japleen Kaur
Sep 2021

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Pcod Diet Chart for Weight Loss

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Lost 8 Kgs With Tremendous Inch Loss 

Arti Sharma, a Mass communication student approached us with an increasing trend on the weighing machine and medical concerns. She wished to come out healthier on the other side and was ready to go all-in with our Pcod Diet Chart for Weight Loss. Also, constant guidance from our end and perseverance on hers, helped us graph the results you see.

Lesson 1- The Right Mindset Can Take You Places

Arti’s mindset won half of the battle. Weight loss is a journey. Also, no one has ever been able to lose or gain weight in a day. Adding to that, she too faced ups and downs along this journey, however, trusting the process and being patient with herself helped us help her better.

Lesson 2- Fast Food Does Not Have To Be Avoided

Arti has a soft corner for fast food like most of us do. And keeping you away from the things you love is not our style. She was provided with reasonable amounts of fast food as so to suffice her and also add fuel to her weight loss journey.

Lesson 3- Food Is Your Medicine

Arti has a history of PCOD, bloating, and acidity issues also. So, our disease management dietitians came up with the right intervention to help her reduce the severity of symptoms of PCOD and completely get rid of bloating and acidity. Along with this, Arti was given small nutrition and exercise-related tips she can follow all her life so as to keep the severity of PCOD symptoms low, weight in check and happy go lucky all along.

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