PCOS Diet Chart For 7 Days To Lose Weight

Aishwarya Aneesh

Aishwarya Aneesh
Dec 2022

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I think you might have panicked when your doctor told you about your PCOS problem for the first time. It’s unhappy to mention that the majority of women don’t know they have this issue. But just chill, there is nothing to worry about as it’s not life-threatening, a PCOS diet is all you need. For this reason, by just making some wise decisions and lifestyle modifications you can manage PCOS syndrome effectively. 

For instance, PCOS is a hormonal disorder that affects one out of every ten women. Even though there is no permanent cure for this health issue, by following a healthy PCOS diet and little fitness activities, you can maintain the consequence of it. And that is why we have come up with a 7 days Vegetarian PCOS diet chart for weight loss.

What Is PCOS?

In other words, the full form of PCOS is “Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome”. Therefore, it is a syndrome that impacts ovaries and ovulation where the ovaries generate an abnormally high level of male sex hormone. 

  • Moreover, PCOS affects the women’s reproductive organs(ovaries) that generate the hormones progesterone and estrogen, which control the menstrual cycle. Androgens, which are male hormones, are also little produced by the ovaries.
  • As a result, every month eggs are released from the ovaries for sperm fertilization. This process is known as ovulation. Given that, the two hormones Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) produced in the pituitary gland control ovulation.
  • Consequently, after being induced by FSH to form a follicle, a sac that houses an egg, the ovary releases a mature egg.
  • Furthermore, the Common signs of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome are

    The ovaries have cysts

    Male hormones in abundance

    Missed or irregular periods
  • For instance, in the PCOS condition, the ovaries grow an excessive number of small, fluid-filled sacs. Specifically, “Polycystic” is a medical term that denotes “several cysts.” Further, each of these sacs is actually a follicle that houses an immature egg. Therefore, the eggs are never developed enough to start ovulation.
  • Most important, estrogen, progesterone, Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), and Luteinizing Hormone (LH) levels are modified by the absence of ovulation. Further, progesterone levels are decreased while androgen levels are higher than usual. Also, extra male hormones disrupt the menstrual cycle in women with PCOS, resulting in fewer periods than usual.

What Is PCOS Diet?

A “PCOS” diet is essentially a “Hormone-friendly” diet. Nutrition and lifestyle are so closely related to metabolism and reproductive health, they are the primary approach to managing PCOS. In particular, keeping in mind that insulin resistance is a major factor in this syndrome, adopting a lifestyle that combats it is highly advantageous.

For instance, a high-fiber PCOS diet has been demonstrated to reduce insulin resistance. Also, they are abundant in plant-based meals like whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds as well as a range of good unsaturated fats like olive oil, nuts, and seeds.

Indeed, the dietician at Fitelo advises starting small

  • Replace processed grains for example with whole grains.
  • Likewise, add one or two servings of fruit or vegetables to your meals.
  • Also, include nuts.
  • Further, switch red meat with fish.
  • Avoid foods that are heavy in sugar or saturated fat, such as sweets and sugar-sweetened beverages, as well as meals like red meat, fried dishes, and foods with creamy sauces.

Symptoms Of PCOS

Women with PCOS could endure any of the following symptoms. Moreover, it is not required for PCOS to exhibit all of these signs and symptoms.

  • Irregular Menstrual Cycles – In fact, a lack of ovulation stops the uterine lining from shedding each month. Some PCOS sufferers have fewer than eight cycles of periods or even no periods all per year.
  • Amenorrhea (no periods) – in fact, some PCOS patients do not menstruate, sometimes for years.
  • Abnormal Hair Growth – Hair growth that is excessively present on the face or body. Further, some people even experience hair growth on their bellies, chests, and backs.
  • Acne – Male hormones may cause the skin to become more oily than usual and lead to breakouts on the face, chest, and upper back.
  • Scalp Hair Loss – Hair on the scalp becomes thinner and may fall out as a result of hair loss.
  • Skin Darkening – In body creases like those on the neck, in the groin, and under the breasts, for instance, dark patches of skin can develop.
  • Infertility – Further, women who have this issue have trouble becoming pregnant.
  • Mood Swings – Further, anxiety and depression can develop.
  • Obesity – To illustrate, the majority of PCOS-afflicted women are overweight.
  • Sleep Apnoea – It is a serious sleeping disorder, which stops you to stop breathing while you’re sleeping.
  • Skin tags – To illustrate, skin tags are little, projecting skin flaps. Also, they are often found on the neck or in the armpits in women with PCOS.

Causes Of PCOS

You might be shocked to hear that experts still don’t know the exact cause of PCOS, given that 10 million women worldwide have the condition. Therefore, medical experts claim that high levels of male hormones prevent the ovaries from naturally producing hormones and egg production. Also, inflammation, insulin resistance, and genes have all been linked to excessive androgen production.


The majority of PCOS instances are hereditary, however, it’s unclear how it’s inherited. Moreover, PCOS may run in families, which may increase your risk of getting it.

Insulin Resistance

Indeed, PCOS patients develop insulin resistance, which prevents their cells from adequately using insulin.  

  • To enumerate, the pancreas secretes the hormone insulin to aid the body’s use of dietary sugar for energy. When cells are unable to use insulin effectively, the body needs more of it. The pancreas generates more insulin, as a result, to help compensate for this. 
  • Consequently, high insulin levels might hinder ovulation and increase the production of extra male hormones in the ovaries.
  • For instance, the main contributor to insulin resistance is obesity. Further, insulin resistance and excess weight can both raise your risk of type 2 diabetes.


levels in PCOS patients’ bodies are typically greater than average. Inflammation can also be worsened by being overweight. Further, more androgen has been found to be associated with increased inflammation.

What Impact Does Diet Have On PCOS?

Dietary changes majorly impact PCOS in two areas: in particular weight control and insulin levels and resistance.

  • One of the best things you can do to treat PCOS is to control your insulin levels due to the essential factor that insulin plays in the syndrome.
  • Moreover, insulin resistance occurs often in PCOS patients. In fact, by the age of 40, more than half of those with PCOS develop diabetes or pre-diabetes. So that, the onset of diabetes is strongly impacted by how the body utilizes insulin.
  • Finally, people with PCOS may feel better if they eat a diet that fits their nutritional requirements, helps them maintain a healthy weight, and encourages optimal insulin levels.

The following are three diets that may assist patients with PCOS to control their symptoms:

Low Glycemic Index (GI) PCOS Diet

 Meals with a low GI are digested by the body more slowly and do not raise insulin levels as fast or significantly as other foods, such as certain carbs, do. A low GI diet consists of unprocessed, low-carbohydrate foods such as whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, starchy vegetables, and others.

Anti-Inflammatory PCOS Diet

Anti-inflammatory foods such as berries, fatty salmon, leafy greens, and extra virgin olive oil may help with symptoms like fatigue linked to inflammation.

Dietary Approaches To Stop Hypertension (Dash) PCOS Diet

Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet It could also aid in treating PCOS symptoms. Likewise, veggies, fruits, whole grains, fish, chicken, and low-fat dairy products are all abundant in a DASH diet. For instance, foods with a lot of sugar and saturated fat are avoided in this diet.

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Best PCOS Diet For Weight Loss

In particular, your diet can have an impact on creating the right conditions for your body to heal and achieve stability. Further, we at Fitelo have given you the best 7 days diet chart for weight loss with PCOS.

7 Days Vegetarian PCOS Diet Chart For Weight Loss

For instance, we have given a day-by-day meal plan, which makes it simple for you to stick to.

PCOS diet chart for weight loss

PCOS Diet Chart For Weight Loss – Day 1

Well! Above all, you have rightly decided to start the PCOS Diet chart with us, and you are on day 1. Besides, start your day with Methi water, and you can have fulfilling foods like vegetable poha and brown rice biriyani. 

Early Morning5 Almonds (Soaked), Methi Water
BreakfastVegetable Poha
Mid – MorningSeed Mixture (Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower, Flax Seeds)
LunchBrown Rice Biriyani
Post LunchGinger Turmeric Tea, 5 Almonds (Soaked)
EveningMakhane Cucumber Salad
DinnerTomato Soup
Post DinnerHot Water

PCOS Diet Chart For Weight Loss – Day 2

You are on day 2, have a healthy day with interesting foods, for example, seed mixture, Soup, and salad. Also, maintaining proper hydration is important throughout the day.

Early MorningFenugreek Water
Breakfast1 Onion, Green Chilly Kneaded Roti (No Oil) + Curd Or Mint Chutney
Mid – MorningSeed Mixture (Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower, Flax Seeds)
LunchAny Veg (No Aloo/Paneer) + Oats Atta Roti (Add 50% Wheat Atta)
Post LunchGinger Turmeric Tea, 5 Almonds (Soaked)
EveningBeetroot Salad
DinnerMixed Vegetable Soup
Post DinnerHot Water

PCOS Diet Chart For Weight Loss – Day 3

Wow! You are on day 3 of the diet. For instance, if you are non-vegetarian and want to replace any of the meals, you can add an egg white sandwich, grilled chicken, or chicken tikka.

Early MorningHot Lemon Water, 5 Almonds (Soaked)
BreakfastMoong Dal Cheela
Mid – MorningSeed Mixture (Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower, Flax Seeds)
LunchMoong Dal Khichdi
Post LunchGinger Turmeric Tea, 5 Almonds (Soaked)
EveningMakhane Cucumber Salad
DinnerVegetable Lentil Soup
Post DinnerHot Water

PCOS Diet Chart For Weight Loss – Day 4

It’s day 4, keep yourself motivated. In brief, delicious food included in your today’s diet includes gobhi stuffed paratha and beetroot salad. You can also have cooked veggies and oats atta roti.

Early MorningFenugreek Seeds Water
BreakfastCurd Or Mint Chutney+ 1 Mooli Or Gobhi Stuffed Parantha (No Oil)
Mid-MorningSeed Mixture (Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower, Flax Seeds)
LunchSeasonal Vegetable (No Aloo, Paneer) & Oats Atta Roti
Post LunchGinger Turmeric Tea, 5 Almonds (Soaked)
EveningBeetroot Salad
DinnerCooked Veggies
Post DinnerHot Water

PCOS Diet Chart For Weight Loss – Day 5

You are on day 5 of the diet. Likewise, start your day with hot lemon water, the recipes link is already shared with you. Of course, check the recipe and have a tasty meal.

Early MorningHot Lemon Water, 5 Almonds (Soaked)
BreakfastHung – Curd Sandwich
Mid – MorningSeed Mixture (Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower, Flax Seeds)
LunchNamkeen Oats Daliya
Post LunchGinger Turmeric Tea, 5 Almonds (Soaked)
EveningCucumber Salad
DinnerOats In Milk
Post DinnerHot Water

PCOS Diet Chart For Weight Loss – Day 6

Don’t give up, you have reached day 6 of your PCOS Diet. Take your meals as recommended in 8 intervals, doing so you will be feeling full and stay hydrated. Also, you won’t get the urge to have junk food.

Early MorningAjwain Water
BreakfastOats In Curd
Mid – MorningSeed Mixture (Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower, Flax Seeds)
LunchVeg Daliya
Post LunchGinger Turmeric Tea, 5 Almonds (Soaked)
EveningCucumber Salad
DinnerTomato Soup
Post DinnerHot Water

PCOS Diet Chart For Weight Loss – Day 7

Finally, Congratulation! You in the last day of the diet. Further, today the interesting part is we have included a cheat meal for you in lunch. Also, you can have any food of your wish.

Early MorningHot Lemon Water, 5 Almonds (Soaked)
BreakfastCurd & Fruit Smoothie Or Oats Cooked In Skimmed Milk
Mid – MorningAny Fruit (Except Mango, Banana, Chikkoo, and Grapes)
LunchCheat Meal 😉
Post LunchGinger Turmeric Tea, 5 Almonds (Soaked)
EveningLemon Water
DinnerRepeat Meal 2
Post DinnerHot Water

Food To Include In A PCOS Diet

According to studies, a certain diet can assist with PCOS symptoms as well as weight reduction. likewise, natural, unprocessed, and high-fiber foods are good for you. Include the following foods in your PCOS diet for the best results

  • Consume foods high in fiber from plants, such as whole grains, dry beans, chickpeas, lentils, and other legumes. Further, they aid in managing weight.
  • Salmon, tuna, sardines, and mackerel are some examples of fatty fish with high Omega fatty acid content that is anti-inflammatory. Further, they combat the inflammation that urges the ovaries to increase androgen production. Significantly, they also include vitamin E and fish oil, which support the maintenance of insulin levels.
  • Furthermore, include green veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and kale.
  • For instance, nutrients in seeds assist regulate hormone imbalances. To illustrate, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and flax seeds are the best seeds to incorporate into your PCOS diet. Thus, they are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients like iron, which enhances general health.
  • Specifically, pick fruits with lots of fiber and minerals. Especially, fruits with a deep red color, such as cherries, blueberries, blackberries, and purple grapes are great to include in your PCOS diet chart for weight loss.
  • For instance, olive oil, avocados, coconuts, and nuts including pine nuts, walnuts, almonds, and pistachios are examples of healthy fats. Further, they are high in good fats which lower inflammation. However, among these, including walnuts and almonds in the PCOS diet is essential.
  • Further, spices like cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric can be included in your diet. Further, other herbs that can aid with PCOS management include ashwagandha, fenugreek, and basil. Additionally, they control the menstrual cycle and improve women’s fertility.
  • Occasionally, you can also add dark chocolate to your diet.

PCOS Weight Loss Tea Recipe

In addition, it’s very important to balance hormones in PCOS syndrome. Why not try this hormone-balancing tea for weight loss? Therefore, it’s a must include in the PCOS diet chart for weight loss.

Food To Avoid In A PCOS Diet

Consequently, weight gain is the central issue connected to PCOS. Additionally, it causes mental and emotional distress, further complicating the illness. Further, you must make certain dietary modifications if you wish to control your weight. 

Consequently, the worst foods for PCOS are those that cause inflammation, which disrupts hormonal balance and raises blood sugar levels. Indeed, avoid these foods for PCOS weight loss.

Processed Foods

Further, foods like white rice, candy, bread loaves, potatoes, and pastries are refined carbohydrates that can increase insulin production in our bodies, leading to diabetes.

Avoid Caffeinated Drinks In The PCOS diet

Moreover, the hormone imbalance can be made worse by coffee and other caffeinated beverages.

Fried Foods

Avoid fried foods or fast foods like pizza and burgers since they contain high levels of trans fat and unhealthy saturated fats, which can cause inflammation and raise the risk of weight gain.


Doctors strongly advise against consuming alcohol since it can boost male hormones and interfere with the hormones needed for ovulation. Also, it decreases blood sugar levels, which makes some people gain weight and become nutritionally deficient. Further, also causes increased food cravings.

Red Meat

Overeating red meat, such as steaks, pigs, and hamburgers, can lower progesterone levels. Both pregnancy and a regular menstrual cycle require this hormone.

Sugary Drinks

In short, carbonated sugar content is high in beverages like soda, fizzy drinks, and energy drinks. Moreover, it changes testosterone levels and raises insulin secretion. Additionally, it might cause mood changes, bloating, and weight gain.

Processed Meat

For example, salami, sausages, hot dogs, cured ham and bacon are highly processed meats with high saturated fats and sodium levels. Also, it could result in gaining weight. Further, they may create inflammation, which would mess with the body’s hormonal balance.

Dairy Products

In fact, certain compounds found in dairy products promote the development of androgen hormones. In fact, women with PCOS should stay away from milk and dairy products including cheese, sweetened yogurt, and ice cream.

Unhealthy Fats

Moreover, saturated fats are included in foods like baked cookies, fried meals, cakes, and butter. Also, it raises the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and hormone imbalance.


Phytoestrogen is a substance, for example, found in soy-based foods. Besides, it can trick the body into lowering the production of estrogen hormone by imitating the feminine hormone estrogen. It causes hormonal imbalance, which worsens the situation further.

Unhealthy Foods Which Is Said To Be Healthy

Avoid these five unhealthy foods, for instance, which are claimed to be healthy from your diet, if you have PCOS.

PCOS Diet Rules In Nutshell

Similarly, sure you follow the PCOS diet rules to reduce the complication and lead a happy and healthy life. For PCOS assistance, further, get in touch with our healthcare experts.

Avoid Alcohol

No Refined Sugar

Boost Fiber Intake

No Processed Foods

Consume More Water

Take More Frequent Smaller Meals

Balance Proteins And Carbohydrates

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I Have PCOS And Not Experience Any Symptoms?

Ans: Yes, PCOS in particular can exist without any typical signs. Many individuals don’t even recognize they have the illness until they experience difficulties becoming pregnant or start accumulating weight for unexplained reasons. 

Q: How Is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Identified?

Ans: The majority of the time, a physical examination is all that is required to determine PCOS. Also, they could do an ultrasound or prescribe blood tests to assist with the diagnosis.

Q: Is PCOD Treatable?

Ans: To begin with, PCOS cannot be cured. This syndrome presently has no permanent cure. But there’s nothing to feel worried about. PCOS can be managed, and you can live a healthy life even if you have it.

Q: Does PCOS Increase My Chance Of Developing Other Medical Conditions?

To illustrate, there is evidence that having PCOS increases your chance of developing a number of illnesses, including

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Endometrial Hyperplasia (a type of uterine cancer)
  • Endometrial Cancer
  • Also, sleep disorders like sleep apnea

Q: Which Fruits Are Good For PCOD?

Ans: Fruits are great to include in a PCOS diet because they are naturally rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Similarly, some foods good for PCOS are Apples, Pear, Berries, Kiwi, Watermelon, Papaya, Cantaloupe, and Pomegranate.

Q: How Can PCOD Patients Lose Weight?

Ans: You can lose weight and manage your illness by following the above-mentioned PCOS diet chart for weight loss.

A Word From Fitelo

You can definitely, for instance, control this syndrome by making healthy lifestyle modifications. A PCOS diet combined with exercise has a lot of advantages, such as

  • Weight Loss
  • Increased Insulin Sensitivity
  • Regular Periods
  • Reduction In Male Pattern Hair Growth
  • Lower Male Hormones
  • Reduce Cholesterol Level

PCOS sufferer may also control their symptoms by taking care of themselves, which includes getting adequate sleep, resting, and avoiding overthinking (which leads to stress).

Fun Fact

Indeed, everyone has a habit of taking dessert after any meal. We either go for sweets, brownies, or ice cream. For example, Brownie VS Ice cream, which do you think has more calories? Check the link.

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This blog post was written to help you to make healthy and better food choices altogether. So, be aware and take care. The important thing to consider is your own health before starting a diet that is restrictive. Therefore, always seek advice from a doctor/dietitian before starting if you have any concerns.

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