PCOS Weight Loss Diet Plan: Megha From Delhi Lost 10 Kgs With Our Special Diet


Apr 2022

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Today’s weight loss transformation is of Megha Hooda from Delhi. She reached out to us with weight gain concerns and got aligned with our PCOS weight loss specialist for a diet plan. We provided her with the required help and resources. Her journey is an example for others !!

Challenges Faced During Weight Loss Diet

  • Megha had PCOS which itself makes women gain weight more easily than others.
  • In addition to this, she had bloating and constipation issues. These are the hidden reasons for weight gain. If digestion is impaired, one will also have difficulty in losing weight.
  • Moreover, she was anemic which is a big hinderance in weight loss.
  • Megha had a very hectic lifestyle, as she was a media professionnal. So, that made working out and cooking special meals impossible for her.

Role Of Our Weight Loss Specialist

In the words of her weight loss specialist, Megha’s dedication to her diet is exemplary. Our PCOS weight loss specialist planned her diet in a way that all her deficiencies could be managed. Megha was also not fond of junk or spicy food. So, we planned only a basic home-based diet for her. The recipes were not bland either. There was a variety of dishes that she could prepare easily.

Megha was a supportive client and followed the instructions of the weight-loss specialist religiously. Hence, she lost 10 kgs in 55 days! Her PCOS weight loss diet results were one of the most effective and impactful we have seen till date.

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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

What foods to avoid if you have PCOS?

People suffering from PCOS should avoid processed meats, coffee and caffeinated drinks, alcohol, dairy products and citrus fruits.

Is it hard to lose weight in PCOS?

Due to the imbalanced appetite hormones caused by PCOS, many women with the condition have difficulty losing weight. It’s crucial to speak with a qualified dietitian who can help you make customised dietary modifications if your physician advises losing weight to help control PCOS symptoms.

What exercise is beneficial in case of PCOS?

Walking quickly, jogging, cycling, or swimming are all excellent exercises that can benefit PCOS.

Calorie Counting For Weight Loss Diet – Does It Work?

Usually people who want to lose weight make their diet plan by counting the calories in their meals. But does it really work? To know this, watch the below video by Dietitian Mac.

Healthy Recipes From Our Kitchen

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