Peanut Butter For Weight Loss? Here Is What You Need To Know

Snehil Sharma

Snehil Sharma
Apr 2023

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peanut butter for weight loss

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Peanut butter is an excellent powerhouse of nutrients. Peanut butter is very popular and a favorite. If you are one of that large group of people who love peanuts but are trying to lose weight, then there is good news for you. Peanut butter for weight loss can do wonders for your weight loss journey. Along with this, it is loaded with many other health advantages.

Many people say peanut butter is good for weight loss, while others say it is a high-calorie and high-fat food item. So, let’s read on to learn about the nutritional profile of peanut butter and how it is beneficial for weight loss.

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What Is Peanut Butter Made Of?

Peanut butter is made up of roasted peanuts that are ground to make either crunchy or creamy butter. It is prepared by grinding the peanuts into a fine paste, while the crunchy variety retains small chunks of the peanuts.

No matter what variety of peanuts you choose, their nutritional value remains the same. This nutritional butter is loaded with natural proteins, omega-3, fiber, and fatty acids.

Also, many top dietitians suggest including peanut butter in your regular diet as it is fortified with crucial vitamins and minerals.

Peanut Butter For Weight Loss: An Overview

If you consume protein and mineral-rich foods, it will help boost your metabolism. In many types of research, it is found that protein-rich food products have a high thermic effect.

The thermodynamic effect of food specifies the number of calories our body needs to digest, absorb, and process the nutrients. But when it comes to protein-rich products, it is at its highest.

Moreover, peanuts are rich in fiber and we know fibrous foods are helpful for the human body. Also, fiber rich foods provide many health benefits, such as improving digestion.

Nutritional Value Of Peanut Butter For Weight Loss

Peanut butter is loaded with healthy fats, protein, and fiber. All these nutrients aid in weight loss. So, it is best to incorporate plenty of nutrient-rich foods to adequately meet your dietary needs.

Total Calories188kcal
Total Fats16 gm
Saturated Fat3gm
Carbs7 gm

Is Peanut Butter Effective For Weight Loss?

Due to its high nutritional value, many people do not consider it good for weight loss. However, it is all the opposite. Peanut butter is remarkable enough for weight loss, and it is mainly suggested for weight loss by most dietitians.

So, without a delay, let’s understand, is peanut butter good for losing weight, and how?

1. Keeps You Full For Long

Peanut butter is rich in a high amount of protein, healthy fats, and fiber. All these nutrients slow down your digestion and keep you feeling satiated for a longer period of time. This helps you lower your calorie intake by reducing snacking and overeating.

2. Low Glycemic Index (GI)

Usually, peanut butter has a low Glycemic Index score of 14. This means it won’t cause a spike in your blood sugar levels. In fact, it keeps your blood sugar levels stable for the long term after consumption, which lowers the insulin levels in your body. Moreover, low insulin and blood sugar levels encourage your body to burn fat for energy. This leads to weight loss.

3. Fight Sugar Cravings

This butter has a slight natural sweetness to it. If combined with its ability to stabilize your blood sugar levels, it will help you suppress your sugar craving. This helps the human body to lower its calorie intake.

4. Keeps Energy Level High

Many peanut butter calories come from protein and fiber. This means that the calories derived from such sources are actually used by the body for its metabolic functions. All these will help you feel energized instantly. A fast metabolic function means that the human body is able to burn calories faster. This will justify the fact that peanut butter is good for weight loss. Moreover, the presence of fiber in peanut butter improves digestion.

5. Support Weight Maintenance

In many types of research, it is indicated that diets rich in peanuts and tree nuts support weight maintenance more effectively. Also, people who regularly consume peanuts and peanut butter tend to have a lower BMI than those who don’t. This is the precise reason why peanuts help with weight maintenance. As the calories from the nuts are not fully absorbed, which may not lead to a calorie surplus that would cause weight gain.

Different Ways to Include Peanut Butter For Weight Loss In Your Diet

In peanut butter, there are a high number of calories present, so you should avoid consuming it excessively. You can consume no more than 2 tablespoons of peanut butter per day, which is recommended. So, consuming it in moderation with suitable regular exercise will help you in your weight loss journey.

Everyone has a different body type, so always consider consulting a dietitian to determine the perfect portion size for you. The general knowledge regarding the same might not be specifically helpful to your body if you are strict on a weight loss diet food.

There are a few ways in which we can incorporate peanut butter into our diet.

  1. You can add peanut butter to a smoothie or protein shake.
  2. You can consume peanut butter with your salad or have it with fruits like apple slices or celery.
  3. Incorporate your peanut butter into your morning sandwich.
  4. Include by stirring the peanut butter into your oatmeal bowl.
  5. Also, can have it with Greek yogurt.
  6. Even you can prepare peanut butter cookies for weight loss

Please Note: Always include natural or organic peanut butter. It is the best for weight loss. If you are buying this peanut butter from a store, make sure you read the label. It must be free from any sugar or unwanted ingredients. But we suggest you make your peanut butter at home.

Best Time To Consume Peanut Butter For Weight Loss

Let’s find out which time is the perfect time to consume peanut butter for weight loss:

  • Make It A Part of Your Breakfast

Consuming peanut butter for breakfast can help you stay full for longer. Also, it boosts your energy levels and stabilizes your blood sugar levels. This can prevent mid-morning snacking and sugar cravings.

  • Can Include Peanut Butter After A Workout

You can have some peanut butter after your workout instead of drinking a sports drink or protein shake. Including a spoonful of peanut butter after exercise can help you avoid losing muscle. Also, it has fewer calories and added sugars compared to sports drinks. 

  • Replace Your Dessert Craving With A Spoonful of Peanut Butter

Consuming a spoonful of peanut butter instead of dessert can help you cut down on your calorie intake. Also, satisfying your sugar cravings, owing to the natural sweetness of peanut butter.

Side-Effects Of Consuming Peanut Butter For Weight Loss

Here, we are sharing a few side effects of consuming peanut butter for weight loss

  • Not every peanut butter available on the market is healthy. So, always prefer homemade peanut butter.
  • Do not consume more peanut butter than is needed or recommended.
  • Many kinds of peanut butter are paired with high-sugar jelly and white bread, so try to avoid those.

Summary Of “Peanut Butter For Weight Loss”

We know that everyone gets bored of having those plans and tasteless food while aiming to lose weight. But we at Fitelo allow our clients to include cheat meals and small quantities of every food item. So, there are a few healthy dressings that can be added to your weight-loss diet plan. This will help you enhance flavor and continue your weight loss plan.

But always keep track of your calories while consuming peanut butter otherwise, it may hinder your weight loss routine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Eat Peanut Butter To Lose Belly Fat?

Yes, peanut butter is rich in protein and fiber, which keeps you feeling full for a longer period of time. This can help you cut down on snacking and overeating, thus contributing to weight loss. 

How Much Peanut Butter Can I Eat A Day For Weight Loss?

Only consume two tablespoons (or 32 grams) of peanut butter daily. So, eating it in moderation with suitable exercise will help your weight loss journey.

Can We Eat Peanut Butter Directly?

From creamy to smooth, peanut butter can make dishes taste delicious. Of course, you can eat peanut butter directly with the help of a spoon. However, there are various mouth-watering recipes that you can prepare using it.

Is Peanut Helpful In Weight Loss?

“People often avoid peanuts when trying to lose weight because they believe they contain too many kilojoules. Yet, peanuts actually have a high satiety value, meaning that they can keep you feeling fuller for longer and this can be really helpful for those on a weight loss diet.

When Should You Avoid Peanut Butter?

Some people have peanut allergies, which can be fatal in some cases. Avoid all peanut products if you have a peanut allergy. Peanut butter contains a high amount of calories per serving. Thus, make sure to moderate your portions to avoid unwanted weight gain.

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This blog post was written to help you make healthy and better food choices altogether. So, be aware and take care. The important thing to consider is your own health before starting a diet that is restrictive. Always seek advice from a doctor/dietitian before starting if you have any concerns.

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