Peanut For Weight Loss: Are They Really Good For Weight Loss?


All about your favorite winter snack

Peanuts – our favorite winter timepass snack. But, do you know are Peanuts for weight loss ?

Nutrition value of peanuts.

100 gms of peanuts contain

  • 567 Kcal
  • 49 gm fat
  • 16 gm carbohydrate
  • 4 gm sugar
  • 26 gm protein

What do you understand from the facts above?

Not only are peanuts high in calories, but they also have a lot of fat too. Because it includes a lot of unsaturated fat. So, this makes it unsuitable for people with heart-related disorders and hypertension.

Doesn’t it have good fats?

Most so-called fitness gurus ask you to have peanuts just because it has good fat. Yes, it has good fat, but it has a lot of bad fat too.

Where most people go wrong?

In winters, people binge on peanuts sitting in front of their heaters and don’t realize when the quantity exceeds 100-150 gms. It is equivalent to, or maybe more than, a full meal. Because a lot of people eat peanuts in the form of Gachhak, Gud also. Moreover, it is a terrible combination of sugar and fat which will add few kilos to your weight.

What is the right way to have it?

Restrict the quantity to about 20 gms a day – preferably the unsalted or lightly salted option. But don’t eat the fried ones.

Pro tip

If you know you have consumed a lot of it, try to restrict your main meals to soups/sauteed vegetables. As a result, the overall calorie intake can be balanced.

Who can eat it guilt-free?

For people who are looking to gain kilos, you can have peanuts.


If you are on a weight loss journey, you have to be cautious with peanuts. We are not saying, you cannot have it, what we are saying is – so we should be cognizant of how much you are having it and in what form. They are a great winter snack – but let’s have it wisely.

Here are some recipes if you are a peanut lover.

  1. Butter cookies
  2. Peanut butter
  3. Peanut butter cucumber sandwich

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