Top 5 Methods Post Diwali Detoxify For Your Body

We wish you a very happy and prosperous Diwali!

It is time to go on a detox and we are here to help.

Why Detox

A Detox will help by removing all the toxins and bring your body back to equilibrium. While you were binging on your favorite mithais, sugary drinks and chips/namkeens, you were actually harming your liver, kidneys and digestive system.

1 – Get Extra 2 hours sleep

It might sound like a small step but the additional 2 hours of sleep will give your body and internal organs (like your digestive system) more time to relax and heal themselves. It will also reduce brain fog and fatigue.

2 – Go for a short 20-30 minutes walk in sunlight

This will help your body’s biological clock to get back its normal rhythm. So, if you have been partying till late nights or been staying up late, sleeping on time might be a challenge for you. To get back to your routine, walking in sunlight will help by adjusting your biological clock’s rhythm.

3 – Lemon Flush method

Here is how it works –
– take lemon water in the morning,
– after 2 hours take lemon water with some rock salt and
– after 2 hours take coconut water.
Repeat the process once again.

4 – Go on a mini fast

Skip your breakfast if possible. The idea is to not eat for 14-16 hours if possible. This will give your internal organs time to get back to normal.

5 – Have boiled veggies

Avoid salads – they have a lot of insoluble fiber which your body will find hard to process especially after so much eating outside. Boiled vegetables are easy to digest.

While the festival season means a lot of outside eating and snacking, if we take proper care of our eating habits and adjust our routine before and after the season, you can avoid all the weight gain and at the same time enjoy the season.

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