Priya Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Story

Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma
Feb 2022

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Priya manhas weight loss

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11 kg Gone In Just 75 Days!
Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

It is natural for the body to gain weight after pregnancy as you get an entire human out of your body which is nothing short of a miracle. But, difficulty in post pregnancy weight loss is a serious issue that need not be overlooked in the long run. A majority of young moms experience postpartum stress and depression which further adds up to their weight! Feeling low on energy is a common side effect that comes with it.

Priya Manhas, our client from Gurdaspur had a similar story and that’s when she decided to take charge of her health and joined FITELO’s specialized post pregnancy weight loss diet plan.

Priya is a homemaker. So apart from handling the baby duties, she was also managing home duties, which left little time for self-care and pampering. Hence, our post pregnancy weight loss coach planned, as per her preference, pure vegetarian recipes for her, which could be prepared quickly💨 and hassle-free. No fancy ingredients, no supplements, just simple “ghar ka khana”.

Since she did not like brinjal and mushroom, the weight loss coach checked, which food she can replace and fulfil her nutrient supply, and thus planned the same in place of those. The weight loss coach also planned a variety of cheat meals for her. She even got rid of her STUCK WEIGHT.

Hence, with a disciplined approach, Priya, our supermom, lost 11 kgs in just 75 days with an even greater inch loss! On achieving this feat, in her own words, Priya feels more energetic to handle everything and happier too! We are proud of you Priya. Way to go!

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