Pregnancy Weight Gain Is Stressing You? Read How Harpreet Lost It All!

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16 kg Gone In 120 Days!

Today’s weight loss transformation is of Harpreet Kaur. She is a homemaker based in Brisbane, Australia. Harpreet reached out to us with concerns of pregnancy weight gain, after she underwent C-section surgery for the same.

Challenges In Harpreet’s Pregnancy Weight Gain Journey

  • Harpreet had PCOS, the most common metabolic disorder that is bothering females throughout the world. It is one of the most common causes of weight gain and stuck weight in women of the reproductive age.
  • Extreme stress levels were a huge roadblock in her weight loss journey. Harpreet was quite impatient and stressed because of her pregnancy weight gain. So much so, that she was ready to starve herself in order to lose weight.
  • She had undergone C-section surgery during childbirth which comes with its own set of complications. Weight gain was another major after effect.

Fitelo’s Magic

Our dietitian planned a sustainable diet for Harpreet. Eggs and egg dishes were mostly given to her. The dietitian coordinated very patiently with the client and made her understand that stressing will only make her weight loss journey difficult. 

Our Reward

Harpreet thoroughly understood everything and became more determined than ever to follow the diet plan. She was at 77 kgs when she started, slowly and steadily she lost 16 kgs and came down to 61 kgs in just 120 days! 

We are so proud of you for not giving up despite all the challenges, Harpreet. Wish you all the best in your journey!


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