Mehaks’s Transformation And Prevention Of Obesity In 6 Months

Sanya Singh

Sanya Singh
Feb 2023

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Prevention Of Obesity

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Who says losing weight is impossible? Here is a live example of Mehak who was obese but now she is in the shape that she wanted to be in for life. So, prevention of obesity is there but all you need is a full determination to reach your goal of fitness.
Moreover, when it comes to supporting from Fitelo and its dietitians, you will never fail to reach your goal of fitness. The best part is, your weight loss journey can never be boring as here the diets that you will get will have delicious recipes you might which haven’t even have thought of.
So, here is a story of Mehak, which will surely inspire you also, to start working towards a healthy lifestyle.

About Mehak

So, Mehak is from Jalandhar and was obese since her childhood. She was excessively overweight which made her inactive. Moreover, being a mother, she was not able to take care of her child properly now her house.
She also tried losing weight earlier and followed a number of diet plans for weight loss but could not and every time she tried, she was unsuccessful.
Then she reached us and this is how Fitelo helped her.

Prevention Of Obesity With a Customized Diet Plan

When Mehak reached out to us, we understood her problem and knew that she is all set to get fit, no matter what. We also, made sure, that she loses her extra weight and get the body she wants.

  • We worked hard on her diet plan and added meals that were easy to cook for her.
  • The meals that we included were all homemade, but there was a variety of foods.
  • Moreover, because she is foody, we gave her a day when she could eat her favorite dish as a cheat meal outside and not make her feel that the weight loss journey was boring.
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As a result, she lost 34 kg with 15 inches in 6 months, which is just wao!

Now Mehak is more confident, can wear her favorite types of clothes, and take care of her house and family in a better way.

Prevention Of Obesity By Fitelo’s Diet Plan

Now, prevent obesity easily with a healthy diet. However, this is a diet plan that you can follow to lose weight and the best part is you can also, get it customized. So, take a look at this and get in touch with us for more.

Overweight Vs Obesity

So, there has always been confusion about being overweight and obese. Some people think they are the same while some think they are different. So, let us get this confusion cleared.


  • Being overweight is weighing more than the weight range given as per your age, sex, and height.
  • A person is overweight if his/her BMI is greater than or equal to 25.
  • Being overweight does not necessarily imply excess fat.
  • While overeating is the main cause of a person being overweight.


  • Obesity is a condition where a person accumulates excessive fat in the body.
  • In this case, BMI is 30 or greater.
  • Being obese does imply having excess fat on the body.
  • The main cause of obesity is eating too much and doing no physical activity.

What Do We Learn From This?

You can achieve whatever you want with the right motivation and a clear goal. Mehak’s prevention from obesity could be difficult, but at last, she made it with all her hard work and efforts. Fitelo is always proud of such clients that cooperate and are determined towards the number they want on the weighing machine.

How Junk Is Killing Your Future?

Junk food is one of the main reasons why you are suffering from diseases and obesity. Now, to know how junk food is becoming a demon of your life, watch this video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Prevention Of Obesity Possible With A Diet Plan?

Ans: Yes, taking a diet plan can help you get rid of obesity and will keep you healthy also.

Q. Are Genes The Cause Of Obesity?

Ans: In some cases, obesity due to genes could be possible but not every time genes depict the future.

Contact Us

Where is the permanent solution? Here with us at Fitelo. So, start a weight loss journey with us. We focus on a holistic approach. No fancy food and restricted diets. We consider your medical concerns, food choices, preferences, cultures, locality, and all. We also plan homemade food with a healthy twist. Contact us today to start your healthy journey with us.


We have helped thousands of clients to get back in shape, whatever their medical concerns are.

  • Our dietitians always go through your medical reports and plan your diet as per your levels.
  • Your problems will be given priority to get fixed. And in this way, we focus on a holistic approach.
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