Raghav Lost 10 kgs With A Lot Of Cheats!!

Japleen Kaur

Japleen Kaur
May 2021

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We believe that the journey to good health starts in your mind before it begins on your plate. Same goes with our client Raghav who always thought of having outside food even when he was not able to lose weight. Read below how we helped him overcome his weight loss issues through his journey.

A Foodie’s Weight Loss Journey With Fitelo

College life is the best life. Being in his teens, missing out on social gatherings and parties with friends is not a cup of tea we would recommend out our client Raghav. So he reached out to us looking for an online coach be there to guide him and shed all those kilos. Thus, through his weight loss journey, a lot of his myths were busted.

Myth1: I’m overweight. It is now too late for me to start working on myself.

At a very young age of 20 years, due to his weight, Raghav used to appear more than her actual age. It became a tough task for him to cope in society, especially amongst her peers. We had to plan a diet considering his overall lifestyle as he had no particular routine whatsoever to work accordingly through.

Myth 2: You have to compromise on your cravings or favorite food while dieting.

Being a Dilli da Munda, Raghav is a high level foodie. He is a junk food lover and wanted a cheat meal every week. So we customized the diet plan considering his likes and dislikes. We tried our best to help him learn the art of balancing out whenever he used to cheat. Our dietitian worked closely with him keeping a track of his progress and guiding him throughout his journey.

Myth 3: Your mental attitude has no role in your results.

Rather the foremost thing to remind yourself is self-love. If you are doing this for yourself with a positive attitude, you have won the half battle already. He has been an enthusiastic dieter and also followed each instruction given to him. His flexible and never-giving-up attitude throughout the journey has been the icing on the cake. His dedication has been super-inspiring in his success story.

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