Roasted Vegetables Recipe: How To Prepare A Colorful Side Dish

Snehil Sharma

Snehil Sharma
Apr 2020

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Roasted Vegetables

Cooking Time

25 Minutes

Total Time

35 Minutes

  • Tomatoes - 2 Medium Size
  • Onion - 1 Medium Size
  • Zucchini - 1 Medium Size
  • Mushrooms - 2 Cups
  • Garlic - 2
  • Vinegar - 3-4 Tbsp
  • Mixed Fresh Herbs - 1 Tbsp
  • Black Pepper - 1/2tbsp
  • Sea Salt - As per The Taste
  • Roasted vegetables are the recipe that goes well with any meal, whether it’s just a family gathering or a party.  Aside from preparation time, the roasted vegetable recipe is super simple to cook. It can even be made ahead and reheated before serving. This recipe is full of color, taste, and flavor.

    This recipe is easy, delicious, and pairs perfectly with just about anything. Seasoned green vegetables, butternut squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, and onions are roasted to crispy perfection in this recipe. So, let’s try to prepare this recipe at home.

    How To Prepare Roasted Vegetables

    • Firstly, set your grill to medium-high heat.
    • Secondly, prepare the garlic for roasting (roast it after peeling it off).
    • Now, take a large bowl, and combine all seasonal vegetables, tomatoes, onion, zucchini, and mushrooms with freshly-ground salt and pepper.
    • Toss until vegetables are evenly coated.
    • Then, transfer vegetables and garlic to a grill pan, and set on the grill grates.
    • Stir every 2-3 minutes, until vegetables are tender and lightly charred. Remove garlic and vegetables from the grill when cooked.
    • Again, take a small bowl, put some vinegar, and add all of the roasted garlic cloves (you can use your fingers to squeeze them out of the clove), and the chopped fresh herbs until combined. Add salt and pepper to taste.
    • Finally, transfer vegetables to a serving platter or bowl and serve hot!

    Health Benefits of Green Vegetables

    Here are some of the amazing benefits of green vegetables for health.

    Health Benefits of Green Vegetables

    1. Good Fiber Content
    Green vegetables are a great source of fiber. The presence of fiber content in green vegetables will prevent bowel movements and relieve constipation. So, it is good to involve green vegetables in your diet as they help you to maintain digestive health.

    2. Control Blood Pressure
    One of the most important benefits of including green vegetables in your regular diet is to control blood pressure. These vegetables help you to maintain a stable level of cholesterol in the body.

    3. Weight Loss
    Green vegetables are the perfect source to weight loss. This is because green vegetables contain many nutrients and very less calories. If you’re on a diet to lose weight, then do not ignore green vegetables in your diet.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What Are Good Vegetables For Roasting?

    Ans. Many vegetables can be roasted. Obvious choices are root veg like carrots, potatoes, and parsnips. But crucifers like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower roast well, too. More delicate veggies like cabbage, tomatoes, onions, and squash roast spectacularly well.

    Q. Are Roasted Vegetables Healthy?

    Ans. YES! Roasted vegetables are extremely nutritious! Vegetables contain a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber — which has so many amazing health benefits — plus phytochemicals and antioxidants that may reduce inflammation and help fight off disease. What is this?

    Q. How Long Should I Roast Vegetables?

    Ans. Rub the oil and seasonings of choice into the vegetables and arrange them into even layers so there isn’t much or any overlap. Then bake until golden brown and tender (anywhere from 20-30 minutes for cruciferous vegetables, onions, and garlic, and anywhere from 25-40 minutes for root vegetables).

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