Roshi Body Transformation: 37 Kgs Lost Post Pregnancy


Oct 2020

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roshi body transformation

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One of the most difficult time to lose weight is after pregnancy. Women go through many health issues, especially during their pregnancy phase. Roshi is a working mom, she reached out to us for her body transformation with concerns about pregnancy weight gain and PCOS .

Let’s know about how this woman did 37 kgs post pregnancy weight loss in 7 months, and how Fitelo was able to help her in her remarkable journey of being confident and healthy. The post pregnancy weight loss is something that is not easy and is challenging. You need that extra push, care, and emotional support and moreover a healthy diet plan. That’s where you need us. And let’s read the story of how we change lives for good.

Start Of Roshi’s Body Transformation

  • Roshi reached out to us 9 months back. She had gained a lot of post pregnancy weight.
  • Her weight increased so much that it affected her confidence and she started feeling uncomfortable while going out.
  • Moreover, after going through all this for months. She visited a doctor and was diagnosed with depression and was put under medication.
  • Furthermore, being a pharmacist, she understood that natural foods have the power to change all of this. She tried a couple of dietitians and after losing the first few kilos, her weight increased again.
  • One fine day while scrolling, she found our page and saw all our transformation stories which made her think that she was not the only one going through this and there is a permanent solution.
  • She spoke to one of our dietitians and got even more motivated to start. She started with us and we understood the real problem was a lack of motivation and proper guidance.
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How Fitelo Helped Roshi In Her Journey

  • We started working with Roshi and created a customized post pregnancy diet plan based on her needs and medical conditions.
  • Her husband played a very important role throughout and he kept not just motivating her but even helping her wherever he could, like helping with meals, or taking her for a walk.
  • Also, in Fitelo, we always keep in mind the food preferences of our clients in order to make sure that we design your diet plan for weight loss depending on your taste.

The Outcome Of Joining Hands With Fitelo

  • Roshi was able to achieve this body transformation and lose 37 Kgs in 7 Months without visiting the gym or taking any medicines.
  • She has better skin and better hair. Her PCOS condition has improved. Most importantly, she feels a lot more confident about her body now.
  • We continue to work with Roshi until she gets into a healthy lifestyle.

Fun Fact

It might be discouraging when PCOS makes losing weight difficult but it is certainly possible with the right guidance and assistance. So, if you are struggling to lose weight with PCOS, check out our video to know its potential reasons. 

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