Sameeksha’s Transformation With Our Nutrition Expert Online

Japleen Kaur

Japleen Kaur
Sep 2021

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Nutrition Expert Online

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 Nutrition Expert Online

Sameeksha a lovely student from Delhi, reached out to us about 6 months back worried about the increasing trend on the weighing machine. Read Sameeksha’s Transformation With Our Nutrition Expert Online.

Being a student, she found herself immersed in a lot of work, which left her with no time for working out. She also found herself consuming a lot of food from outside.

She reached out to us with the hope to help her come out fitter and healthier on the other side.

After walking a mile in Sameeksha’s shoes, our dietitians came up with the perfect diet plan that fits into her life like a glove.

Being an Eggetarian we ensured her diet plan was modified accordingly. With a busy lifestyle, we ensured her plan included extremely easy-to-cook/arrange options.

Another challenge that came our way was that Sameeksha’s system did not respond well to milk.

Like the many other challenges, we welcomed this one too with open arms and also provided Sameeksha with a variety of options and results to speak for themselves.

Being a SOCIAL ANIMAL her diet plan included outside eating options and cheat meals also.

What?? These Results With Cheat Meals And Outside Food???

Yes!! Please take your time to let that settle. We also understand how you feel.

Also, it was Sameeksha’s dedication and persistence, which can be seen in her after picture.

She did this just with our diet plans WITHOUT visiting any gym or taking any supplements or medicines.
Even the lockdown did not stop her, she kept at it. Hence she lost 21kgs in just 180 days.

So guys we would leave you with a question. What is it that stops you from walking down the path of a healthy lifestyle?

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