Saroj Weight Loss Transformation: Lost 17 Kg In 90 Days

Japleen Kaur

Japleen Kaur
Jan 2021

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Efforts made in the right direction and choices made with the right mindset never go in vain. Saroj Bala from Karnal, Haryana reached out to us for weight loss with a unique set of challenges. At the age of 50, when most people give up on the way they look, Saroj decided to lose weight and get rid of all the ailments she was suffering from. This weight loss story is an inspiration for people who think that they are not old enough to lose weight.

Her Major Weight Loss Challenges

The main obstacles were her medical problems and dietary restrictions. It was not a matter of weight loss. She suffered from high blood pressure and also had many body aches and digestive problems. We needed to focus on improving her health. Also, because of her age, dieting could lead to low energy levels.

How Fitelo Helped Saroj

After reviewing her medical conditions, we had to set a different set of goals for her. We had to provide her options that were readily available at her home, but still be interesting and creative so she would not get bored. We also had to keep her medical conditions in mind when planning the diet. Since she is a vegetarian, we also had to make sure that her diet was planned accordingly. Saroj liked to cook at home, so our weight loss experts planned delicious homemade recipes for her.

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Results And Achievements

Through her hard work and determination to get healthy, Saroj has lost 17 kg and many inches in less than 3 months without going to the gym or taking any supplements or medications. Her health has already improved and her knee and body pains have completely disappeared.

We are so proud of you Saroj Mam. We have had clients who have lost a lot of weight in a very short time. But with Saroj we had different goals altogether, and she has proven that there is no right age to transform yourself and get healthy.

Fun Fact

When talking about weight loss, we discuss the term metabolism most commonly. One of the main causes of people’s struggles with weight loss is a damaged metabolism. However, where there are problems, there are also solutions. The below video will help you to fix your broken metabolism.

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