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Sarson Ka Saag

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What does winter remind you of? Jackets, boots, soup, or sarson ka saag makki ki roti? Did this bring a smile to your face? Because sarson ka saag is the favorite dish especially in India and for Punjabi people. Served with ghee, honey or jaggery adds a different taste and makes it rich. So, for them, winter is all about eating, enjoying, and relishing sarson ka saag makki ki roti along with the family. Oh, wait! Can people on their weight loss journey also, eat it? However, to know let us read further.

What Is Sarson Ka Saag Makki Ki Roti

So, sarson ka saag makki ki roti is the famous north Indian dish that is made with mustard green seeds and its curry is served with makki ki roti. Makki ki roti is, however, served with white butter which people make at home. This is probably the reason this dish is very rich as it is served ghee, white butter, jaggery, or honey. And because of this, people find this unhealthy and avoid eating it in the fear of weight gain. But let us understand some facts about it.

Benefits That Sarson Ka Saag Makki Ki Roti

Sarson ka saag is not only tasty but has a lot to offer your body. Below are some important benefits.

1. Rich In Iron

  • This dish is one of the iron rich foods and is also, packed with other essential nutrients, like magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium, and manganese.
  • Further, being rich in iron, it improves your immune system and energy levels.

2. Good For Eyes

  • Also, it is rich in vitamin A, which is important for better vision of the eyes.
  • Further, it helps you keep away from illness and certain types of infections.

3. Control Cholesterol Levels

health benefits of sarson ka saag
  • Intake of this dish reduces the bad cholesterol in the body.
  • Moreover, it helps the body complete the bile-binding process efficiently.

4. Contains Dietary Fiber

  • It is a good source of fiber which makes bowel movement easy.
  • Also, it keeps you away from the risk of colon cancer and constipation.

5. Rich In Antioxidants

  • Sarson ka saag is, however, one of the foods rich in antioxidants and vitamins C, K, A, and E.
  • This further, prevents cell damage, ailments, and certain types of cancer.

Sarson Ka Saag Makki Ki Roti For People On Weight Loss

So, what do you think, people who want to lose weight, can they eat sarson ka saag? The answer to this is Yes. But of course, there are a few reasons you can eat and also, there are some do’s and don’ts that you have to follow.

How Sarson Ka Saag Makki Ki Roti Is Harmful

  • Do not overcook and reheat the saag again and again, as it destroys all the nutrients.
  • Also, don’t add ghee and butter every time to reheat the saag as this will lead to weight gain.
  • Makki ki roti is garnished with ghee and butter, which further, leads to a gain in weight.
  • Makki is, however, high in glycemic index which is unfavorable for people who are on their weight loss journey.
  • Moreover, people who have digestive issues and severe gastric problems should, however, not eat.

How To Consume Sarson Ka Saag Makki Ki Roti

  • If you want to eat this dish then avoid eating it from outside as it is preserved for a long time and has a lot of ghee and butter.
  • Also, make sure, that you eat it once in a day that too in the afternoon.
  • Moreover, always cook fresh whenever you want to eat instead of reheating it again and again.
  • Yes, you can add ghee in a little quantity while cooking, but once cooked do not add it again, and do not add butter also.
  • You can, however, eat Makki ki roti without frying and garnishing it with ghee or butter. Have it plain.
  • If you want to eat only Makki ki roti then you can eat vegetables along with superfood for winter which is methi to make it more nutritious.
  • To make makki ki roti more healthy, you can add oats bran.

So, in a conclusion, Sarson ka saag Makki ki roti is not harmful, until you consume it in a right and suggested way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Sarson Ka Saag Cause Weight Gain?

As it is an aid, excess of everything is bad, so, yes, eating it regularly and every day, that too with a lot of butter and ghee will make your weight increase.

Bottom Line

Sarson ka saag with Makki ki roti is the favorite of all and the most cooked dish during winter. But people are usually afraid to eat it as it might give weight gain. Well, this is true but can be made false, if you eat it in the right quantity and the right way. However, Fitelo tells you how to consume and how not to which will surely help you.

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