Sattu Pancake Recipe

Japleen Kaur

Recipe by Japleen Kaur

Sattu Pancake Recipe

Cooking Time

10 minutes

Total Time

25 minutes

  • Chopped fruits/nuts - To garnish
  • Sattu flour - 1 cup
  • Cinnamon - 1/4 tsp
  • Pink Himalayan salt - 1/4 tsp
  • Stevia powder (as per sweetness desired)
  • Banana ripe - 1 nos
  • Cold-pressed coconut oil or cooking oil - 1 tbsp
  • Plain almond/coconut milk - 3/4 cup
  • Sattu Pancake Recipe is must try recipe packed with a good proportion of iron, magnesium, and manganese.

    Sattu Pancake Recipe
    • Sift the flour into the mixing bowl and add stevia powder, salt, and cinnamon. Mix together.
    • Mash the banana in a bowl, and add oil and almond milk. Mix with a ladle to get it to batter consistency.
    • Heat the pan. Add the batter, flip it and cook until it’s browned from both sides.
    • Then, garnish with chopped fruits, nuts, and seeds, and serve hot.

    Health Benefits of Sattu Pancake

    • To begin with, consuming sattu on an empty stomach improves the digestive tract.
    • Sattu also has detoxifying properties. Consuming it every day keeps you healthy and also protects you from several health ailments.
    • Moreover, consuming sattu on an empty stomach increases appetite. This happens due to the presence of potassium and magnesium in it.
    • Sattu reduces bloating, increases metabolism, and also helps your body burn calories effectively.
    • Sattu keeps your body hydrated and helps you beat the summer heat.
    • Have sattu every day to control your blood sugar level.

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    Please make sure to take Sattu Pancake Recipe under the guidance of a dietitian/nutritionist.

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