Saunf Water: 2 Ways To Use Fennel Seeds For Weight Loss [2022]

Damini Kapoor

Recipe by Damini Kapoor

saunf water recipe
  • Sanuf (Fennel Seeds) - 1-2 Tsp
  • Water - 1 Glass (240 ml)
  • Neither the love of the Indians for food is hidden from anyone, nor is the habit of eating saunf for post-food refreshment. Isn’t this little fennel such a delightful thing? Be it dessert or cuisine, from North to South, its aroma refreshes every mouth. If you think that these tiny seeds just enhance the flavours of food, then you are wrong my dear. From boosting stamina to improving digestion, storehouse of various nutrients, fennel seeds can even help you shed kilos. Saunf has involved in various inventive creation, saunf water, saunf tea and a lot more. So, let’s see how we can include saunf in our diet in an effective way. Let’s find out:

    There are two ways to make saunf water:

    Method 1: Saunf Tea For Weight Loss

    1. Firstly, add water to a pan and boil.
    2. Then, add saunf (fennel seeds) to it.
    3. Boil it for two to three minutes. You will see the change in colour.
    4. Turn off the gas and strain the tea into cups.
    5. Serve warm and enjoy each sip.

    Method 2: Saunf Water For Weight Loss

    1. In a glass full of water, add fennel seeds and cover them.
    2. Keep it overnight.
    3. Then, next morning, drink this water on an empty stomach.

    Nutritional Value Of Fennel Seeds

    Nutritional value of fennel seeds or saunf per 1 tbsp (5.8gm) is:

    Benefits Of Saunf Water For Weight Loss

    The benefits of saunf water are as follows:

    • Saunf water acts as an excellent detoxifier. It flushes out harmful toxins from the body and as a result, improves digestion. The anti-inflammatory properties of fennel seeds help people suffering from constipation, bloating, and indigestion. 
    • Apart from this, the dietary fiber present in fennel seeds helps keep your hunger at bay. Moreover, due to the antispasmodic effect, they help relax stomach muscles that tend to contract.
    • Furthermore, fennel seeds are rich in phosphorus, selenium, zinc, and manganese-like antioxidants. So, these antioxidants protect the body against free radicals.
    • Moreover, having fennel seeds water on empty stomach helps kick-start metabolism. Thus, helps you lose weight and helps to boost immunity.

    Other Benefits Of Saunf Water (Fennel Seeds Water

    • The pleasant aromatic fragrance of saunf combats bad breath. Moreover, it kills harmful bacteria by increasing the secretion of saliva.
    • Saunf is a good source of potassium, which controls the fluid in the bloodstream to maintain control over blood pressure and heart rate.
    • Additionally, saunf water aids in sinus and respiratory disease prevention. It has significant amounts of phytonutrients that aid in preventing issues like these.
    • Fennel seeds help improve skin texture and longevity of skin cells. They can also be used to treat dryness, rashes, and acne.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Can We Drink Saunf Water Daily?

    Ans:  Yes, you can drink Saunf water daily. As it is beneficial for reducing hunger cravings by cutting down on appetite and preventing the human body from excess calorie consumption. As a result, it will help in losing weight.

    Q: Is Saunf Water Best For Weight Loss?

    Ans: Yes, Saunf water is beneficial for healthy weight loss. If you combine saunf water with healthy eating habits and regular exercise, it aids in weight loss. 

    Q: Can We Drink Fennel Water At Night?

    Ans. Yes, we can include drinking fennel water at night as a healthy practice. As it helps the human body to relax the muscles, improves digestion, and helps fall asleep.

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