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online nutrition programs for weight loss


online nutrition programs for weight loss

Punjabi food has been winning hearts all over the world. And when coming from a Punjabi household, desi food has soft corners in our hearts that can are fulfilled by any other cuisine in the world. But sadly Punjabi food is often deemed as unhealthy and not diet-friendly. Sukhwinder had started looking for online nutrition programs for weight loss and then found us as her saviour ^_^

Sorry for that pause! But we just could stop laughing at that myth.
Like always we come with proof.

Sukhwinder Kaur a wonderfully talented professional from Australia approached worried about the increasing numbers the weighing machine showed. She hoped to come out fitter and healthier on the other side and was ready to go all in.

To understand the life and likes of Sukhwinder, our dietitians went the extra mile. They worked with her closely and devised a diet plan which was a blend of her favourite Punjabi food, meals that were easy to cook and also delicious.

With a simple tweak in her lifestyle and without omitting any foods from her diet, Sukhwinder managed to reduce 26kgs that too with a busy life.

She now feels a lot more energetic and manages both work and home like a boss.

It is boss ladies Sukhwinder that inspire us to inspire you to take that first step towards fitness.

Hope we were able to restore your faith in Punjabi food. 😉


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