Sheena’s Inspiring Journey With Our Weight Loss Consultants

Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma
Oct 2021

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Lost 14 Kgs With Dramatic Inch Loss In 60 Days: Bloating is a major issue our weight loss consultants encounter with our clients. We like to call it a major obstacle between you and the body you want. But what is it that a healthy lifestyle and the right guidance can not solve?

weight consultants

If you don’t believe us, then scroll down to read the transformation story that is sure to inspire you to take that first step in your journey of a healthy lifestyle.

Sheena, a beautiful working woman from Shimla reached out to us with a concern about her increasing weight and bloating issues. She recalls waking up every morning feeling heaviness all over her body. Thus, wanting to get rid of that feeling and get the body she wished for, she got on board with our weight loss consultants.

So, for the faith she placed in us, we delivered our absolute best. Our weight consultants worked very closely with her to understand her inside out. So, after a close study and brainstorming, our team came up with a diet with a variety of foods including cheat meals spread over the week.

Sheena was given high fiber and a no-salt breakfast and dinner that served a dual purpose of helping her shed weight and catered to her bloating issues as well.

While earlier Sheena covered her fat with kurtas, today she carries herself with utmost grace and elegance in almost anything and everything that she wears.

All thanks to a little guidance in the right direction from our weight consultants.

Life isn’t about finding the right moment, but about making the most of the present moment. Similar is the case with weight loss. So, do not search for the right moment, make this moment the right one and get started.

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