Shivani Weight Loss Success Story Is A Motivation For Every Housewife

Shalini Thakur

Shalini Thakur
Feb 2023

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shivani weight loss success story

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As unbelievable as it looks, but still true! Today’s weight loss success Story is of Shivani, a homemaker from Kangra. Who runs the home? “WOMEN” Her weight loss journey is an example that when you start loving yourself more, anything is possible! Being a homemaker she had too many roles to play in a day, hence, Shivani weight loss success story was a result of fitelo’s customizing diet plan according to her routine, with the help of which she could lose 7.4 kg in just 30 days.

Being a housewife is a 24*7 job, you never have time for yourself as you are always busy looking after your family, putting them first, and doing everything for them. But this transformation will inspire all the show stoppers of the house to look after themselves as their health matters and once in a while, they need to keep themselves first!

Shivani Weight Loss Success Story: Before Joining Fitelo

Being a housewife is the most challenging job, therefore, Shivani did not just have weight issues but she had a few health concerns too:

• She suffered from bloating and constipation because of her poor diet, which made her weight loss difficult.

• Shivani also had high cholesterol issues. Apart from that, she was suffering from tonsils as well as skin allergies.

• On top of everything, she had a urinary tract infection as well.

• Apart from these, she lived in a joint family so it was very difficult for her to maintain her diet as making so many different meals was time-consuming and required a lot more effort.

Shivani knew she had to do something for her health as she could not go on like this.

Shivani Weight Loss Success Journey: After Joining Fitelo

When Shivani reached out to Fitelo, she was suggested to take a disease management program as looking at her health concerns.

Fitelo has a team of 200 plus dietitians, and multiple programs such as disease management, weight loss, and many more.

Our weight loss experts planned a diet that was easy to make. We gave her a range of meals according to her likes & dislikes. 

As Shivani liked South Indian food our weight loss experts have planned a detailed south Indian diet plan specific to her taste!

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How Did Fitelo Diet Plan Help In Shivani’s Weight Loss Success Story?

A dedicated health coach designs a transformation plan that is personalized to your health needs and targets the root cause of your weight gain.

Fitelo dietary plan includes simple changes in meals and habits that are easily achievable and lead to long-term weight loss outcomes.

Every human body is different, and each Fitelo plan is based on an individual’s unique goals and needs.

Fitelo dietitians make sure to be there for you in your weight loss journey and monitor your progress routinely to ensure that you’re on track to achieving your health goals, that’s exactly what they did for Shivani as well which helped her to achieve her goal faster.

Shivani maintained a healthy lifestyle, despite being busy in her family. She herself helped in getting a healthier lifestyle. Due to that, now she is also maintaining her weight well.

So She lost all the water-retention weight that made her look fat and not in shape.

With a diet plan for weight loss, her metabolism also improved significantly, and she lost a tremendous amount of inches too.

Just Like Shivani Here Is How To Fix Broken Metabolism!

Unable to lose weight or tired of seeing weight stuck? A lot of people just like Shivani faces this problem, broken metabolism could be one of the biggest reasons for not being able to lose weight. Here are four ways to fix your broken metabolism. Check it out!

Major Takeaway From Shivani Weight Loss Success Story!

If you are someone with no time to work out or cook a big meal, following a weight loss diet plan can help you lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. When you follow a plan, it gives you guidelines for what types of foods to eat and how much of them to eat. It also helps you stay on track and stay motivated to reach your goals. Additionally, following a plan can help you learn how to make healthier food choices, which is an important part of achieving long-term weight loss success. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which Diet Method Is Best For Weight Loss?

Ans. A diet plan for weight loss is highly customized depending on every individual’s body needs and health concerns.

Q. How Can I Lose 10 Kgs In 7 Days?

Ans. Weight loss is not a magical pill. Although to see a weight loss difference in the body it takes up to 2 weeks but you can definitely feel a certain difference in 7 days if you follow a healthy diet.

Q. How Do I Start A Beginner’s Diet?

Ans. To start a beginner’s diet you need to consult a professional dietitian first to understand your body’s needs and issues according to which you will be given a diet plan for beginners.

Q. Is There Any 7-Day Diet Plan To Start Reducing Body Weight?

Ans. There is a 7-day diet chart that we have mentioned above so as to reduce body weight.           

Q. How Do I Lose Weight Through Diet Only?

Ans. If you have a sitting job and no time to work out or exercise you can still lose weight by following a customized diet plan prescribed by your dietitian.

Fun Fact

Did you know? Winters is the best time to lose weight rather than summer if you do it properly. Most people gain some weight in winter due to their bad eating habits but did you know that winter is the best season to lose weight? Turns out, keeping cool can help you slim down and shed kilos without much effort. Read More!

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