Simran’s weight loss journey with online nutritionists

Japleen Kaur

Japleen Kaur
Dec 2020

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Simran, one fine day was searching for online nutritionists and came across our page. He reached to us with his query to start with his journey.
Being a businessman, he hardly had any time for intensive workouts. Fitelo then appeared to help him. And we have been helping him since then in transforming his lifestyle.

Can a businessman and a hard-core non-veg lover lose weight? ??
Yes, Simran from Delhi lost 13kgs gone in 2.5 months with the help of online nutritionists ?????

His Journey

Being a Delhite Punjabi guy aka Dilli da Munda, Simran is a non-veg lover. He is a coffee addict. He used to cheat every week. Moreover, drinks were always a part of his cheat :P. So we customized the diet plan considering his likes and dislikes. And, we tried our best to help him learn the art of balancing out whenever he used to cheat. Also, our online nutritionist worked closely with him keeping a track of his progress and guiding him throughout his journey.

His dedication

He had no medical concerns but has been a very dedicated client who loves to eat outside but follows with dedication whenever he does diet.

An inspirational story for others

We are super proud of you Simran to see your enthusiasm throughout the journey. Moreover, Simran’s journey has been all about doing a diet on weekdays and doing parties at weekends ? ?

Contact us

Inspired much? Want to party and not gain at the same time? Yes, you are at the right portal. For any query or in case you are looking for online nutritionists, reach out to us at +919402850007.


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