Simran’s weight loss success story

Japleen Kaur

Japleen Kaur
Dec 2020

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weight loss success story

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10 kgs gone in 90 days ?

weight loss success story

Her journey

Obesity in students takes a toll on their mental as well as physical health. An unhealthy focus on eating, weight, and body image can lead to an eating disorder. Here is Simran’s weight loss success story. The societal pressure to lose weight does not allow you to live your life peacefully and happily. Simran, from Ludhiana, went through a similar phase in her childhood. Thus, it was high time when Simran had to make herself the priority. Her mother reached out to us for an online diet consultation on Instagram.

Challenges faced by Simran

She suffered from severe cervical as well as migraine pain. Moreover, she did not want us to add any dairy to her diet. Being a student, Simran had a very hectic schedule managing her studies and classes. So, we worked closely with her keeping in mind her likes and dislikes. We tried our best to create a diet plan that did not make her feel like an over-burdening journey. Instead, we planned a lot of easily manageable meal options, and alternatives were provided to her.

Her Positive attitude

Her positive attitude throughout her weight loss journey helped her lose weight effectively. Even when her weight got stuck in between, she was determined enough to follow the plan without any failure.

An Inspiring story for others

We are so very happy for you Simran for your incredible before and after weight loss success story. Stay cheerful like this always. ?

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