Size Down With the help of FITELO’s Weight Loss Dietician, Like Roshni Did!

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Roshni weight loss

13 Kgs GONE IN 120 DAYS! 🤩💪🏻

Weight Loss Dietician

Today we will be talking about Roshni’s weight loss transformation. Roshni is a housewife from Jammu. She reached out to our weight loss dietician for help, as she was facing stuck weight issues. Also, being a very occupied housewife, Roshni hardly took any time out for herself. So, no self-care made her gain more and more weight which eventually got stuck at a point.

Moreover, Roshni had been operated upon for removal of her Gall Bladder 2 years ago. The operation gave rise to severe acid reflux issues in her body. So, our weight loss dietician did a lot of research and came up with the perfect diet plan for her, so that the meals she was having help with the acidity issues instead of worsening it. 

Roshni loved having south Indian and Gujarati cuisine. So our weight loss dietician planned meals like The Khandvi RecipeThe Lauki Dhokla RecipeGreen gram dosa recipe and The Masala Idli Recipe etc. Since she could not devote much time, only basic and quick-to-prepare food options were planned for her. But the good thing was that Roshni is someone who loves cooking.  

Roshni went on outings frequently and loved having junk food. So our weight loss dietician planned a variety of detox drinks for her on alternate days. And the efforts paid off finally as she lost 13 kgs in 120 days! We are so proud of Roshni for reaching her target with complete dedication.




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