Sonica Weight Loss Transformation: Success Story Of A Makeup Artist

Damini Kapoor

Damini Kapoor
Jun 2022

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sonica weight loss transformation

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“It’s not always about the numbers on the weighing scale, overall body transformation matters.”
Sonica weight loss transformation is going to hit you, Just 1Kg gone. How is it possible? 

sonica weight loss transformation

Have patience and Just Read it:

A Beautiful Makeup Artist Sonica, from Meerut, approached us with the aim to Tone Up her body. She was concerned about the increased numbers on the weighing scale and Bloating issue. She wanted to regain the confidence she had lost owing to weight gain as a makeup artist. So, what next! Fitelo on Duty.

The Journey of Sonica weight loss transformation

We enrolled her in a weight loss diet plan. Everyone’s body is different, so we worked on her body in different ways:

  1. For the first 15 days, we worked on reducing water weight (water retention).
  2. After that with the proper diet plan, in just one month, she lost 6kgs weight. Even though her BMI was in normal range, she appeared to be overweight. And that demotivated Sonica.
  3. So, we made her realize that “Ma’am, your metabolism is very low. So, we need to work on your muscle mass now. You must gain weight again, to avoid the bounce back.
    (This may strike you too, Why we are asking for weight gain in the Weight Loss Journey. Even so, many clients question us the same). 
    “So, 90% of the people who lose weight experience bounce back in a short duration.”
  4. Then, we worked on body recomposition, toning and muscles. We planned a diet accordingly and made her gain 6kgs again. And then started working on her, so that she can maintain a proper weight as per her body.

It would amaze you, but now she is maintaining her weight at 52kgs, with a toned body. 

The unique part of Sonica weight loss transformation

  • Sonica was in love with Junk food, so the occasional cheat meals were part of her transformation journey. Peanuts, Papaya, and milk were not among her favourite’s list, so we never planned those.
  • She has been consistent and co-operative throughout the journey. She not just achieved her goal, but her overall transformation amazed everyone including herself.

Sonica’s own words:

  • I never felt so confident. 
  • My weight is maintained.
  • Bloating is no longer bothering me. 

\We are so proud of you Sonica. Keep Shining and Glowing.

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