Tamanna Made It Possible With Fitelo’s Diet Plan. Read The Success Story Of Teacher.

Damini Kapoor

Damini Kapoor
May 2022

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Success Story Of A Teacher. 20 Kgs Gone In 120 Days With Huge Inch Loss.

weight loss success story

Today’s success story is of a Teacher Tamanna. She is from Hoshiarpur and reached out to us four months back with her concerns about weight gain. She wanted to get in shape and wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle. So, we understood everything about her body, weight, lifestyle, and schedule. Tamanna did not have any medical concerns as such. We put her in the weight loss diet program. Our dietician planned diet accordingly and from here the journey begins.

The Challenge In Success Story

Although She had no medical concerns, she had a super hectic schedule. As a teacher, she was always on her toes. So, we always planned easy to cook food.

Fitelo’s Role

Our weight-loss expert planned normal home-cooked food for her. We gave her a range of meals as she liked both non-vegetarian and vegetarian foods.

Our Reward

Tamanna maintained a healthy work-life balance despite her hectic schedule. She was really committed to losing weight. She diligently followed the diet plan customised by our expert. Tamanna was so loyal to her diet, as a result, she shed 20 Kgs in just four months. Even the inch loss of weight she shed was impressive. She followed the diet plan with so much dedication. She was not at all fussy.

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