Hayy Garmi!! Lazy Nahi, Hot Bano With Summer Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Rebekah Pais

Rebekah Pais
Mar 2023

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summer diet plan for weight loss

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Looking for a summer diet plan for weight loss to fit into your crop tops and body cons?

Because it doesn’t make you drowsy and lethargic as winter and the rainy seasons do, summer is an excellent time to lose weight. In the summer, you can get up early and enjoy working out because doing so will help you lose weight more quickly. Second, warmer weather may help to suppress your appetite and reduce your risk of binge eating, which is something that most people do in the winter or during the rainy season. You can exercise more as well as maintain good nutrition control in this way. What kind of diet would be best for you to follow in order to lose weight, stay active, and maintain good health? So, let’s find out!

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Why Is Summer The Best Time To Lose Those Extra Pounds?

There is no better moment than right now! Surprisingly. This warm season still gives you everything you need to reach your target weight despite all the enjoyable vacations. Summer is the best season for weight loss since it promotes outdoor activity and offers a variety of foods that help you burn fat. Learn why.

1. Your Appetite Is Suppressed By The Heat

Have you ever noticed that the warmer months make you feel less hungry? Researchers found that persons who exercised in a hot environment (86° F) had a tendency to eat less than those who exercised in a neutral environment (68° F), whereas those who exercised in a cooler environment (50° F) had a tendency to eat more. So, make your decision.

2. You Consume Little Amounts Of Food

You don’t want to put yourself through extra, pointless heat. Because of this, many of us choose light fares like tuna fish sandwiches and fresh fruit salads. Fresh fruits as well as vegetables, which are high in antioxidants, begin to take the place of meats that are high in saturated fat, which are known to cause inflammation and hinder your weight loss journey.

3. Outdoor Fitness Class

Spending money on outdoor exercise activities like boot camp or beach yoga in the summer is a terrific idea. These programs can help break up your routine as well as challenge different muscles, which can prevent you from hitting a weight-loss plateau. In addition to giving you the chance to try something new.

4. Hot Coffee’s Out, Smoothies In!

Your morning coffee is a frappucci-NO when the temperature soars above 80 degrees! Don’t switch to the iced variety if it gets too hot. Smoothies are a pleasant, refreshing way to start your mornings! You may cut 150 calories, 9 grams of fat, and 33 grams of sugar by choosing a berry oat smoothie instead of a popular summertime treat like the grande vanilla frappuccino.

5. Longer Days

As the days are longer and the nights are shorter in the summer, you have more daylight to keep up with your exercise regimen. Compared to the winter solstice in December, the summer solstice in June gets roughly 6 hours more daylight. It means you have 15 hours of glorious sunshine to get in a morning workout, a healthy grocery run after work, and an evening stroll following dinner.

6. Innovative Ways To Drink Water

However, sweating more causes you to become more dehydrated rather than burning calories. So it’s crucial to drink plenty of water and consume foods like bananas and kale which are high in electrolytes.

Try Fitelo’s Summer Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Garmi ke wajah se couch pe bethe na rahe. Thoda gharpe workout, aur fitelo ke 1 week summer weight loss plan ke saat weight gain ko kaho bye-bye!

Summer Diet Plan For Weight Loss
Summer Diet Plan For Weight Loss
weight loss food
Summer Diet Plan For Weight Loss
Diet Plan For Weight Loss
weight loss food

Basic Rules For A Successful Summer Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Aree, nahi nahi! Daro nahi. We didn’t mean to scare you with those typical “diet rules”, but just a few healthy habits. Check it out!

  • Firstly, aim to eat your meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with any snacks in the middle of the morning and afternoon.
  • Secondly, constantly keep in mind to eat five to seven times every day with a variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • It is advised to include foods high in protein in each meal.
  • In fact, you must never cook or dress with sunflower or corn oils. Only use virgin coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil.
  • Most essential, it’s imperative to drink lots of water with approx six to eight glasses every day. Using mint, lemon, ginger, strawberries, and other flavors, you can add flavors to suit your tastes. You can frequently drink green tea as well.

Things You Should Avoid In Your Summer Diet Plan For Weight Loss 

There is a list of things that you must avoid in addition to the foods that you must include in your diet plan. Thus, if you’ve decided to adopt a new lifestyle and follow a healthy summer body diet plan, keep in mind to avoid the following.

  • You should stop eating refined carbohydrates first, including bread, pasta, fries, white rice, pastries or cakes, junk food, etc.
  • Second, before purchasing a product, you should carefully review the nutritional information. Sugar and saturated fat have no place in a healthy diet. The remedy is for you to refrain from eating candy, cakes, and chocolates.
  • Avoiding soda and alcohol, like beer, is also crucial because they both contain a tonne of extra calories.
  • In any case, if you genuinely yearn for these foods while on the diet plan, you can stick to a rigorous schedule in which you are allowed one cheat meal every day.

Garmi Se Pareshan? Try Fitelo’s Summer Recipes

We understand how the heat gets you irritated, but why worry when Fitelo is here honey? Try our healthy yummy recipes.

Want To Lose Weight In Summer? Try Hung Curd With Basil Seeds

Looking for a delicious and healthy dessert to cool you down on a hot summer day? Look no further than hung curd with basil seeds! This creamy and crunchy treat is delicious and packed with health benefits that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Masala Chaas Recipe For Summers

An easy and quick beverage that is not only a cooling drink but also aids digestion and is the best beverage to combat dehydration and the summer heat. People frequently drink this beverage after a heavy or spicy meal.

Common Weight Loss Mistakes That You Must Tackle This Summer!

Summers are here and everyone is sweating to be in shape. People are going to the gym, working out and some are even on a diet to lose weight. However, just a few minor mistakes may hinder you from achieving your goal. And we can’t let anything go wrong with your health. So, here we are to make you aware of common mistakes in summer’s weight loss journey.

Watermelon Slush: Homemade Summer Drink [Weight Loss]

To beat the summer heat, make this quick and easy watermelon slush drink. In this healthy summer drink, there is no need to add sugar. Try out this fantastic recipe below.

Let Us Fight The Heat Of Summer With This Ginger Mint Water

This drink is made of ginger and mint. As you keep drinking, you will keep losing extra fat and inches also, amazing, isn’t it? Moreover, the best part is you can skip making this, again and again, every day, as you can store it in your fridge and keep using it till the next day. So, try now and just chill!

Pineapple Slush: Summer Weight Loss Drink

Pineapples are rich in numerous vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C and manganese. How about changing these benefits into a delicious slush? Try our recipe today!

Summertime Happiness With Lemon Cucumber Mint Water

This recipe will quickly become your favorite summertime tradition. I’m excited to share this classic recipe with you! So grab your ingredients, get ready for a refreshing treat, and let’s get started!

Bottom Line

Finding methods to keep active, eat well, and develop body confidence is the key to surviving the summer. If you’re taking care of yourself, you should be pleased with how your body looks and functions. It becomes easier and you feel better about yourself as you practice more. To get your very own personalized diet plan, you can simply contact our expert dietitians and get it in a jiffy with superb consulting and advice too.

Mehaks’s Transformation And Prevention Of Obesity In 6 Months

Who says losing weight is impossible? Here is a live example of Mehak who was obese but now she is in the shape that she wanted to be in for life. So, prevention of obesity is there but all you need is a full determination to reach your goal of fitness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Should I Include In My Summer Diet Plan For Weight Loss?

Ans. Try these summertime foods to help in weight loss.

  • Watermelon salad
  • Green tea iced with mint.
  • Salad of boiled beetroot and spring onions.
  • The flavor of roasted red peppers

Q. How Can I Quickly Lose Weight In The Summer?

Ans. How well we can lose weight is significantly influenced by the weather.  However, here are some suggestions to help you lose weight this summer.

  • Take a dive! Swimming is a simple and enjoyable way to shed pounds.
  • Increase your water intake.
  • Observe what you consume.
  • Climbing stairs for weight loss.

Q. Which Summer Diet Plan For Weight Loss Works Best?

Ans. During the summer months, dehydration is rather typical. To help the body maintain its levels of hydration as well as protect the skin, experts advise incorporating green vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Q. Which Fruit Should I Add To My Summer Diet Plan For Weight Loss?

Ans. Aam khao! Mangoes, the king of fruits, are often associated with summer for many people. They contain a tonne of nutrition in addition to being quite tasty too. Try it as squash, juice, or shake.

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Fun Fact

Garmiyaan aa gyi hain guys!! However, did you know? Fresh cucumber is 95% water which keeps you well hydrated as well as away from the heat. Try it as a detox drink or slush.

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This blog post was written to help you to make healthy and better food choices altogether. So, be aware and take care. The important thing to consider is your own health before starting a diet that is restrictive. Always seek advice from a doctor/dietitian before starting if you have any concerns.

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy as well as Enjoy a long happy life

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