FITELO’s Best Dietician for Weight Loss Helped Komal Get in Shape!

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Komal weight loss

13 KGS GONE IN 90 DAYS! 😉💣


Today’s weight loss transformation story is of a young mom- Komal Jamwal from Delhi, who works as a Junior Manager in a firm. Komal reached out to the best dietician for weight loss when her increasing weight started affecting her mental health. As she was a big-time foodie, Komal found it almost impossible to lose weight as her love for food was coming in the way.

Moreover, she had little time for self-care as her 5 month old baby needed a constant attention span of 24 hours. So, our team’s best dietician for weight loss planned her diet so that Komal did not end up feeling low on energy at the end of the day, being a breastfeeding mother.

Komal was a frequent consumer of spicy, fried food and loved exploring all kinds of veg and non-veg fast food options. So, we did not advise her to completely cut off these, as we follow a habit-based approach. Our dietician planned outside eating options in moderation.


Also, Komal was deficient in Vitamin D; this condition makes losing weight difficult. She also experienced backaches. So, our dietitian suggested Komal take natural Vitamin D from sunlight and give her foods rich in this vitamin. Komal also had bloating and constipation issues because of having spicy food and a hectic lifestyle.

As they say, efforts made in the right direction and choices made with the right mindset never go in vain. Komal went 13 kgs down in just 90 days! She even started to feel more energetic to take care of her baby and motivated to follow a healthy lifestyle. Her constipation and bloating issues were also resolved!

So, if you feel unmotivated to lose weight, read this story again and join Fitelo. The best dietician for weight loss will make it happen for you!




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