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Savi Sharma
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Presenting -Grapefruit Raita- sounds like an exotic Asian recipe. Well, like its glorious name it has a glorious amount of health benefits too. So, this recipe is a unique take on your regular raitas and is sure to win your hearts!

Grapefruit Raita Recipe
  • Firstly, peel the grapefruit and take out the pulp from it.
  • Then, add grapefruit pulp into the curd and mix it gently,
  • In addition, add roasted jeera into it.
  • You can add stevia if you want. ( optional)

Health Benefits Of The Grapefruit Raita Recipe

  • Grapefruit is one fruit with a lot of nutritional benefits.
  • Grapefruit is a low calorie fruit. So, consuming this fruit will help you in weight management.
  • Moreover, grapefruit is high in antioxidants. Majorly Vitamin C and lycopene are present in it. So, consuming grapefruit raita means intake of disease-fighting antioxidants.
  • In addition, grapefruit has high fiber and high water content. Thus, grapefruit raita will keep you full for long and also aid in weight loss.
  • It is said that grapefruit might help prevent insulin resistance. Hence, it helps with blood sugar control and is beneficial for diabetics.
  • Yogurt has multiple health benefits too. It contains good bacteria that aid in maintaining a healthy gut.
  • Yogurt is rich in potassium which removes excess sodium from the body. Removal of sodium leads to reduction in body weight. Potassium also helps with regulation of blood pressure.

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