The power couple’s before and after weight loss success story

Sahil Bansal

Sahil Bansal
Apr 2021

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before and after weight loss success story

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13 kgs and 19 kgs lost in our 6+1 couple plan

before and after weight loss success story

Couple’s journey

Of all blessings in life, no gift equals the gentle, loving trust and companionship of a heart that understands. A true living specimen of the statement, Gulsheen, and Simranjeet a lovely couple from New Delhi approached us in the month of August 2020 and got themselves enrolled in our couple package. The two wished to drop extra kilos and lead a healthy lifestyle. Neither presented any medical conditions. Read theirs before and after weight loss success story.

Some motivation for you to start today !

Transformations don’t happen overnight, they are a result of all the efforts you put in over a period of time. In this process do you let shortcomings hold you down? NO WAY. So, with this attitude Gulsheen, a lovely homemaker from New Delhi approached us in the month of August 2020.

Gulsheen’s story

Another challenge faced, was Gulsheen’s weight hit a stagnant and would move an ounce after reaching one point. But for someone who has won battles against their mind, losing small wars to the weighing scale hardly matters. Gulsheen’s constant positive approach, Simranjeet’s constant support, and our highly skilled dietitians helped her lose 13 kg. Moreover, Gulsheen now enjoys her relationship with this lifestyle and sometimes even cheats on her cheat meals.

Simranjeet’s story

With a similar positive attitude, Simranjeet approached his intervention, in which our dietitians provided him foods that provided him satiety for long periods and were also diverse too. With his strong willpower and efforts, Simranjeet dropped 19 kg since August 2020 and still continues to. He says he feels healthier and more enthusiastic. Moreover, he enjoys working more than ever since his energy levels have regained.

How did we help ?

After working closely with Gulsheen and Simranjeet and understanding their lifestyle, routine, likes, and dislikes, our dietitians came up with a plan to complement their positive personalities. Gulsheen was provided with a great diversity in her diet in order to keep her hooked on the plan. Having a soft corner for junk food, thus Gulsheen found it slightly hard to avoid them on her cheat days, but we at Fitelo believe that it’s alright to slip once in a while and have got you covered.

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