Thyroid medication weight loss success story in just 100 days


Nov 2020

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thyroid medication weight loss success story

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16 kg Gone along with PCOD & Thyroid (Hypothyroidism)

THE JOURNEY of Thyroid medication weight loss

Monica from Hoshiarpur, Punjab lost 16 KG weight with improvement in PCOD & thyroid. She reached out to us on our Facebook page, 4 months back with a concern about her stuck weight. So, here is her thyroid medication weight loss success story.

Monica is a working professional. As a result, she had no time for a lot of meal cooking. So, we helped her with some easy to cook options. She wanted to lose weight without affecting her personal life. Also, she was suffering from extreme PCOD, thyroid & severe constipation too. All these medical concerns were making her weight loss process slow.

We created a customized diet plan considering her likes and dislikes. Our plan did not include any medicines or supplements. She had a lot of cheat days in between too. Monica has lost 16 Kgs without visiting any gym. Along with the diet we also gave her home workouts. The workouts focused on her toning and inch loss.

More than her weight, she was having a significant improvement in her inches. During her journey, her weight got stuck multiple times But she was dedicated enough and did not stop achieving her goals.

Monica! You are an inspiration for all young mothers who are looking to lose weight.

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If you are struggling to choose from food options for a PCOS weight loss plan,contact us now for the appropriate diet plan specially designed according to your food choices.

Disclaimer: Every testimonial including Monica mams thyroid medication weight loss success journey on the Fitelo website, app, social media, and other platforms is from our client who followed our programs and nutrition/diet advice given by our experts.

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