Thyroid Weight Loss Story of Lovepreet (25 kg in 6 months)

Snehil Sharma

Snehil Sharma
Oct 2020

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In Fitelo we believe, instead of starving yourself, starve the negative thoughts that say you can’t lose weight in healthy ways and feed the healthy thoughts that say Yes You Can! Today we are sharing the inspirational story of a girl named ‘Lovepreet.’ The girl was based in London and reached out to us about six months back with her weight loss complications. She was overweight and suffering from thyroid. With half her family settled in the UK, she has to travel often which makes her lifestyle hectic and difficult to follow a strict diet regimen. But with the help of Fitelo smart and healthy diet plan now lost 25 Kg in 6 months. So, let’s learn more about her incredible thyroid weight loss journey. 

Weight Loss Transformation Journey of Lovepreet

Fitelo dieticians worked with Lovepreet and understood everything about her routine, lifestyle, habits, and her medical condition. We created a customized diet plan for hyprothyroidism that met her needs and still aimed at her thyroid weight loss goals (including inch loss which she was very particular about)!! Generally, people with thyroid lose weight slowly.

But it was her dedication and focus that she lost 25 Kg in 6 months from the comfort of her home, using our natural diet plan, without visiting the gym or a dietitian even once. We have just started. There are many more kgs and inches to lose!

Significant Lifestyle Changes After Joining Fitelo

There are a few impeccable changes she has experienced during her weight loss journey. Let’s read a few of them:

  • Gained Confidence: After losing 25 kg in 6 months, she started regaining her confidence. Fitelo helped her make healthy eating choices and also educate her on the importance of adding nutritional value to every meal in a simpler way.
  • Greatest Learning: Never give up! Everything is possible if you put your mind, heart, and soul into the right amount of hard work & effort. Remarkable results may not come thick and fast, but they will come eventually! 

Remarkable Result

With the customized diet plan, she got amazing results. During her weight loss journey, she has dramatically lost 25 kg which is a complete personality transformation. She not only lost those extra kilos but got healthy skin too.

Fitelo team is so proud of Lovepreet for being able to manage such an incredible weight loss success story.

Way to go Girl. Eat healthily and stay healthy.

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