Read How this Hardcore Foodie Lost Weight via Top Dietitian in Chandigarh!

Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma
Nov 2021

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Rahul Nayyar weight loss

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19 Kgs Gone In 100 Days With Punjabi Food !🤩💪🏻 : You can be a big-time foodie, and still lose a lot of weight! Rahul Nayyar, a hardworking and successful businessman from Australia, is proof of that. Rahul was in search of the top dietitian in Chandigarh, and that is when he stumbled upon FITELO with the concern of extreme weight gain. He was having a hard time getting rid of all of it owing to his super busy schedule.

Top Dietitian in Chandigarh

All the meetings, over-timing, constant sitting for hours and eating on the go made weight loss difficult for Rahul, who was already suffering from Hypothyroidism. But the problems do not stop here. Rahul absolutely loved eating outside food, specifically non-veg and Punjabi cuisine like chhole-bhature, samosas etc. Although our dietitians included a variety of cheat meals for him occasionally, the main meals were home-based food, chicken prepared at home.

Rahul was very mindful of what to eat while he Was outside. So, even when he was eating fried and oily food, Rahul made sure that he did not stuff himself with them. For instance, if he was having a pizza, he would have it in restricted portions.

With a stressful and hectic work schedule and very little time to cook, Rahul shed a good amount of weight. He lost 19 kgs and many inches in just 100 days!

Rahul’s weight loss achievement was because of his sheer dedication, patience and faith in the dietitian’s abilities. As Rahul thanked us for the services as he relied on us being the top dietitian in Chandigarh, we wish him a healthy journey ahead!

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